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Como Saber Que O Iphone Original?

Como Saber Que O Iphone Original

How do I get my iPhone original?

Check IMEI number An original Apple iPhone model will always have an IMEI number. If there is no IMEI number, it is likely that the model is fake. To check the IMEI number of your device, go to Settings on your smartphone, tap on General and then go to About section. Here, scroll down to see the IMEI number.

How can I check my iPhone is original or refurbished?

Download Article Download Article This wikiHow teaches you how to tell whether or not your iPhone has been refurbished. iPhones are typically considered «refurbished» when they have been repaired and re-sold by Apple or a third-party vendor after a hardware issue was found in the original phone.

  1. You can often determine whether or not an iPhone is refurbished simply by looking for the following signs:
    • Worn-out or absent accessories
    • Scuffs or scratches on the iPhone itself
    • Lack of packaging
  2. Open your iPhone’s Settings. It’s a grey app with gears on it typically found on the Home Screen. Advertisement
  3. I.» decoding=»async» data-srclarge=»/images/thumb/9/91/Identify-a-Refurbished-iPhone-Step-6.jpg/aid1686438-v4-728px-Identify-a-Refurbished-iPhone-Step-6.jpg» data-width=»460″ data-height=»345″ id=»2678798877f86f0e567591e25e073c6f» data-src=»» src=»»> Tap General. This option should be near the bottom of the screen.
  4. It’s at the top of the «General» page.
  5. You’ll see a collection of numbers and letters to the right of the «Model» designation.
  6. The first letter in the model name will tell you your iPhone’s status:
    • If the first letter is «M» or «P», your phone is an original (retail) model.
    • If the first letter is «N», your phone was refurbished by Apple.
    • If the first letter is «F», your phone was refurbished by a carrier or a third-party vendor.
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  1. If the phone you’re buying has been activated, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s refurbished; however, this process will weed out people attempting to sell a phone as «New» when it’s actually used.
  2. Open your iPhone’s Settings. It’s a grey app with gears on it typically found on the Home Screen.
  3. I.» decoding=»async» data-srclarge=»/images/thumb/5/5c/Identify-a-Refurbished-iPhone-Step-10.jpg/aid1686438-v4-728px-Identify-a-Refurbished-iPhone-Step-10.jpg» data-width=»460″ data-height=»345″ id=»af5b7be5af391d3432a803ef585172ed» data-src=»» src=»»> Tap General. This option should be near the bottom of the screen.
  4. It’s at the top of the «General» page.
  5. You should see a series of letters and numbers listed here (e.g., ABCDEFG8HJ84). Make a note of this code since you’ll be entering it into Apple’s database.
  6. Go to in your computer’s web browser. You can type your iPhone’s serial number into this site to see whether or not it has been activated before.
  7. Type the serial number from your iPhone into the text field in the middle of the «Check Coverage» page.
  8. Type the code listed in the jumble into the text box below the jumble. This code is in place to ensure that you’re not a malicious program.
  9. Doing so will take you to your iPhone’s diagnostics page.
  10. If the phone is brand-new, you’ll see something like «This phone has not been activated» at the top of the page.
    • If you verify that the iPhone has been activated and the seller is attempting to sell it as a new phone, consider buying from a different source.
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  • Question What’s the difference between a refurbished iPhone and a new one? Spike Baron Network Engineer & Desktop Support Spike Baron is the Owner of Spike’s Computer Repair based in Los Angeles, California. With over 25 years of working experience in the tech industry, Spike specializes in PC and Mac computer repair, used computer sales, virus removal, data recovery, and hardware and software upgrades. Network Engineer & Desktop Support Expert Answer The main differences are price and warranty. Obviously refurbished phones are cheaper, but they usually only come with a three-month warranty. A new iPhone is more expensive, but comes with a one year warranty from Apple.
  • Question My iPhone 6S Plus is model NKU62LL/A, so is it refurbished? It came with the original box. Since it starts with an «N» and not an «M,» it’s refurbished. It’s not uncommon for a refurbished phone to come in its original box, especially if you purchased it on eBay or somewhere similar.
  • Question I was told that if I press and hold the iPhone home button, something will display on the screen to indicate that the iPhone is high quality. Is that true? No. That will just show you Siri.

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  • If the iPhone was refurbished by a third-party store, you can’t use the packaging as a metric by which to judge the state of the iPhone.
  • «Refurbished» doesn’t equate to «poor quality», and in some cases, Apple devices are marked as «refurbished» due to a small hardware tweak post-launch, even if the tweak in question is a small one.

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Be sure to review the sales policy for any site from which you want to purchase an iPhone before actually purchasing one.

Advertisement Article Summary X 1. Open your iPhone’s Settings,2. Scroll down and tap General,3. Tap About,4. Scroll down to the «Model» heading.5. Review the model number’s first letter: «M» or «P» means the iPhone is new, while «N» or «F» means it is refurbished. Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 756,120 times.

How do you tell the difference between a clone and original iPhone?

The difference between an original and a clone is that an original is the first version of something, while a clone is an exact copy of the original. Clones are usually made through a process of duplication or replication, and they are often used to replicate products or services. Is an Apple iPhone clone worth buying?

What is M in iPhone model number?

Looks like no one’s replied in a while. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. What the first letter of M N F and P mean in model number of iPhone Posted on Oct 6, 2020 9:06 PM 1 reply Question marked as ★ Helpful Oct 6, 2020 9:12 PM in response to PhoneThantKyaw93 Here is how to Determine if iPhone is New, Refurbished, Replacement, or Personalized

  1. Open the «Settings» app on the iPhone
  2. Go to «General» and then go to «About»
  3. Look for «Model» and then read the model identifier next to that text, it will look something like «MN572LL/A», the first character will let you know if the device is new, refurbished, replacement, or personalized:
  • M – Brand new device, meaning the device was purchased new
  • F – Refurbished device, meaning the device has been through refurbishing process
  • N – Replacement device, meaning the originally bought device was replaced by this model likely due to a service request
  • P – Personalized device with engraving, meaning the device was customized with an engraving on purchase

Hope that helped. Axel F.1 reply Question marked as ★ Helpful Oct 6, 2020 9:12 PM in response to PhoneThantKyaw93 Here is how to Determine if iPhone is New, Refurbished, Replacement, or Personalized

  1. Open the «Settings» app on the iPhone
  2. Go to «General» and then go to «About»
  3. Look for «Model» and then read the model identifier next to that text, it will look something like «MN572LL/A», the first character will let you know if the device is new, refurbished, replacement, or personalized:
  • M – Brand new device, meaning the device was purchased new
  • F – Refurbished device, meaning the device has been through refurbishing process
  • N – Replacement device, meaning the originally bought device was replaced by this model likely due to a service request
  • P – Personalized device with engraving, meaning the device was customized with an engraving on purchase

Hope that helped. Axel F. What does M, N, F, or P mean in iPhone model number?

How do I know if my iPhone screen has been replaced?

You can also find it by going to Settings > General > About. You can check the serial number on the Apple website to see if the phone has been repaired or replaced. Check for signs of wear and tear: Look for signs of wear and tear on the phone’s body or the screen.

What is refurbished iPhone?

What’s refurbished? Written by Megan 8 November 2023 09:21 Refurbished means that a used device gets a second chance. The iPhone is check and repaired if needed. It’s not the same as a second-hand iPhone. You’ll receive 2 years of warranty and the device has been checked by an expert. In this article, you can read what a refurbished iPhone is and what you can expect of it. A refurbished iPhone is a used device that’s for sale again after a check. This means it’s not a new device, so it can show (some) signs of wear. Think about scratches on the screen or the casing. How many signs of wear is indicated by the refurbished condition. We have 3 different types of refurbished iPhone models at Coolblue: ‘As good as new’, ‘Lightly used’, and ‘Visibly used’. The category of your iPhone is based on the number of visible traces of use and the replaced parts. A refurbished iPhone that’s categorized as ‘As good as new’ only has a few damages.

Refurbished condition Signs of wear
As good as new Possibly some light scratches
Slightly used Clear scratches on the screen of the casing
Visibly used Deeper scratches or a dent

Refurbished iPhone models differ from new iPhone models in a couple of ways

The price of a refurbished device is lower than of a new device. The battery condition isn’t always 100%, this differs per device. You don’t notice this difference with daily use. A refurbished iPhone is used and doesn’t always look like new. A refurbished iPhone doesn’t come in an original Apple packaging, but in a sustainable, cardboard packaging.

: What’s refurbished?

Does fake iPhone have icloud?

No. It doesn’t have access to the Apple servers and it’s not recognized by Apple. Mostly fake iPhones have android features in them and you can only download apps from play Store which is always hidden in the utility apps.

How do I know that my phone is original?

The MWF has updated its Privacy Policy, including the information on how we use cookies. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the better experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the MWF websites. CELLULAR PHONES Counterfeit mobile phone manufacturers imitate all facets of a branded phone’s appearance to make their products appear genuine. The phone’s outer shell and screen, the printed logos and branding, the packaging and the included accessories can all be copied, making it difficult to identify whether a phone is fake or genuine.

When possible it is always preferable to buy a phone through a registered retailer or reseller who can vouch for a phone’s authenticity. Yet with the prevalence of internet shopping and auction websites this may not be an option. Here are a few simple tips to help you identify whether a phone is genuine or fake: KNOW THE PHONE It is important to do a little research before buying a new phone.

You should only buy a phone made by a trusted manufacturer. Before committing to a purchase you should know the phone’s specific model number, available colours, features, what software and hardware comes included and what warranty is offered with the product.

Information about a specific model of phone can be found on the manufacturer’s website or through a registered retailer. Once you have this information it will make the job of identifying a fake much easier. APPEARANCE On first glance a counterfeit phone may appear identical to a genuine model. On closer comparison you may be able to identify some obvious differences between a genuine and a fake such as: the colour, location of buttons, size or spelling of the brand name.

Some fakes are less obvious. Counterfeiters are able to mimic design details down to minute details making it difficult to tell if a phone is genuine. If you are able to view the product in person you may be able to notice a difference in weight, screen size, location of buttons and battery, quality of printing and paint finish, added or missing functions, quality control stickers and holograms and an overall lack of quality.

FEATURES Counterfeit phones can have differing features to genuine models, such as dual SIM cards, analogue TV etc. Check the model number and technical specifications of the genuine phone you wish to buy and ensure they match what is being offered. Counterfeit phones also often appear to offer features that are either just not there or that are not as they are said to be.

For example, built-in cameras might be said to be 8 megapixel when they are not – or offer GPS when they don’t. Counterfeit phones may also differ from a genuine in colour availability, memory capacity, camera megapixels, screen quality and operating system.

  • It is important to compare technical features to ensure the phone is genuine.
  • FUNCTIONALITY Black market phones are made from sub-standard and cheap components and often run on 2nd rate or pirated operating systems.
  • Counterfeiters use cheap older generation chipsets, which may offer the same functionality as a genuine model but at far slower processing speeds.

If you have unknowingly purchased a fake phone you will realise very quickly once you turn it on. Processing speeds are often much slower, operating systems have missing features and the phone may not be compatible with affiliated software and applications.

  1. AVAILABILITY Counterfeit mobile phones tend to pour on to the market when a genuine model is out of stock or unavailable.
  2. Often if manufacturers and registered sellers say a model is out of stock or unavailable, counterfeits begin to appear on auction websites and through unregistered sellers.
  3. This is also common when a phone is not available in certain colours.

Beware, counterfeiters take this opportunity to deceive consumers when the genuine product is most in demand. IMEI NUMBER Every genuine mobile phone has a serial number to register it to a carrier network. This number is called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

The IMEI number can be used to verify the legitimacy of a phone. Often counterfeit models won’t have an IMEI number or use a fake one. If you are viewing the phone in person then you can find the IMEI number on the product packaging, under the phone’s battery or by pressing *06 on the phone. If you are not viewing the phone in person then you should ask the retailer for the phone’s IMEI number.

To check the legitimacy of a phone’s IMEI number and any information regarding country of production, manufacturer and model type, you can use this tool. BATTERIES How to spot fake batteries and chargers? Mobile phone handsets are not the only electronic product targeted by counterfeiters. Black market cell phone batteries and chargers are also infiltrating the market posing a potential health and safety risk to consumers.

  1. Fake batteries and chargers are often offered as an after-market product, found on auction websites or in unregistered stores often at a significantly lower price than genuine products.
  2. Given the uniform appearance of most mobile phone batteries and chargers, it can be difficult to identify what products are fake and which are genuine.

Here are a few simple tips to help you identify whether a battery and charger is genuine or fake: Buy from a registered manufacturer and trusted retailer You should only buy mobile phone accessories made by a trusted manufacturer. If you are looking to replace a battery or charger then you should refer to the original manufacturer’s information to make sure you purchase the appropriate battery or charger for your model of phone.

  • It is important to note that you should only use a charger specified by the manufacturer to charge you mobile phone battery.
  • You should also attempt to buy your mobile phone accessories from a trusted retailer who can verify the authenticity of their products.
  • Appearance Most mobile phone batteries and chargers look very similar, making it difficult to identify legitimate and fake products.

If you are able to inspect the product first-hand then you should look for signs of poor quality such as: inaccurate printing, misspelled wording, crooked label placement and signs of defective workmanship. Some mobile phone manufacturers also place hologram stickers on their batteries, which are difficult to replicate by counterfeiters – although they do try.

Warranty All genuine mobile phone manufacturers offer a limited warranty that covers the handset, software and accessories. Most genuine accessories are covered for a certain period of time from the date of purchase by the original owner. Registered manufacturers and sellers also offer customer support and servicing of damaged products.

Black market batteries and chargers rarely come with a warranty or offer customer support and servicing of damaged products. It is important to keep the receipt for any mobile phone accessory you purchase so that you can make a warranty claim if the product is faulty.

  1. It is also beneficial to keep all proof of purchase in case you have bought a fake so that you can notify the relevant authorities.
  2. Price If the price sounds too good to be true then it probably is.
  3. Counterfeit mobile phone batteries and chargers are made from cheap substandard components allowing them to be produced at a fraction of the price of genuine products.

Also, counterfeiters don’t have to invest in product research, design and safety testing. They don’t pay government taxes, import fees and are not bound by fair trade or minimum wage regulations for their employees. All these factors mean fakes can be sold at a much lower price than a genuine product.

  • WHAT TO DO IF YOU BOUGHT A FAKE If you have purchased a fake phone by mistake then you should attempt to return it from where you bought it for a full refund.
  • Then you should report the counterfeit sale to the police, the genuine brand owner and any relevant authorities as soon as possible.
  • If you have bought the product online then you should attempt to contact the seller to arrange a refund and then report the counterfeit sale.

Also check our Report a Fake page

Can a fake iPhone have a real serial number?

How to Avoid Being Scammed While Buying an iPhone – Como Saber Que O Iphone Original To steer clear of being scammed when purchasing an iPhone or any other Apple product, keep these tips in mind:

If you’re considering buying a used device, choose a refurbished product—the one refurbished by Apple itself. It may stretch your wallet further, but the product will be high quality. Furthermore, you’ll receive a one-year warranty with this purchase, which is a bonus. If a better deal is available elsewhere, ensure the marketplace is trusted, so you can get your money back if the product turns out counterfeit. Besides that, thoroughly analyze the seller’s listings, read their recent reviews, and check the listing’s age before placing your order. In addition, request snapshots of the serial number, warranty details, battery health report, and more from the seller to check if the phone is genuine and in good condition.

Besides these essential checks, you should also consider many other things when buying a used iPhone, Don’t trust the serial number on the box of a used iPhone; always check it from your iPhone’s settings. That’s because fraudsters can ship a fake iPhone in an original iPhone box.

What does M and N mean in iPhone?

iOS runs on various different models of devices. This page is used to give an overview of the different model numbers (or «M» numbers) used by devices. The model number of your device is located in the Settings app on the «General -> About» screen under «Model». The model number of a device begins with a variable first letter representing the source of the device (replacement, engraved, etc.; see below). This is followed by four characters between either «A» and «Z» or «0» and «9» (most commonly only digits). Afterwards is either one or two characters representing the » region » of the device’s origin. Depending on the software displaying the string, there may be a slash (» / «) followed by a character. The first letter in the model number represents the source of the device. Currently, there are four known possible choices: To make searching this page easier, the first letter is always » M » and the » region » portion and everything after is removed (leaving us with the first five characters of the string). For example, let’s say our model number is » MC922LL/A «. The first letter is already » M «, so we leave it alone. Next, we remove the «region» portion and everything after (the » LL/A » at the end) leaving us with » MC922 «. A «find-in-page» reveals this is a black 16 GiB iPhone 4S, If your device is not listed here, please add it yourself or contact an active user.

Generation «A» Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Model AirPods (1st generation) A1523 (right AirPod) A1722 (left AirPod) A1602 (charging case) Unknown BCG-A1523 BCG-A1722 B188AP AirPods1,1 N/A MMEF2 AirPods (2nd generation) A2031 (left AirPod) A2032 (right AirPod) A1938 (wireless charging case) Unknown BCG-A2031 BCG-A2032 B288AP AirPods1,2 AirPods2,1 N/A MRXJ2, MV7N2, MR8U2 AirPods (3rd generation) A2564 (left AirPod) A2565 (right AirPod) A2566 (MagSafe charging case) Unknown BCG-A2564 BCG-A2565 B688AP AirPods1,3 Audio2,1 N/A MME73, MPNY3 AirPods Pro A2083 (left AirPod) A2084 (right AirPod) A2190 (AirPods Pro/MagSafe charging case) Unknown BCG-A2083 BCG-A2084 B298AP AirPods2,2 AirPodsPro1,1 iProd8,1 N/A MWP22, MLWK3 AirPods Pro (2nd generation) A2699 (left AirPod) A2698 (right AirPod) A2700 (charging case) Unknown BCG-A2698 BCG-A2699 B698AP AirPodsPro1,2 N/A MQD83 AirPods Max A2096 Unknown BCG-A2096 B515AP AirPodsMax1,1 iProd8,6 Space Grey MGYH3 Pink MGYM3 Silver MGYJ3 Green MGYN3 Sky Blue MGYL3 Generation «A» Number FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Model Siri Remote A1513 BCGA1513 B239AP Unknown MLLC2 Siri Remote (Rev A) A1962 BCGA1962 B439AP Unknown MQGD2 Siri Remote (2nd generation) A2540 BCGA2540 Unknown Unknown MJFM3 Generation «A» Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Case Material Finish Case Size Model Apple Watch (1st generation) A1553 Bootrom 2098. BCG-E2870 N27aAP Watch1,1 Aluminium Gold 38mm MLCJ2, MMEC2, MMF52 Rose Gold MLCH2, MMF42 Silver MJ2T2, MJ2U2, MJ2V2, MJ2W2, MLCF2, MLCG2, MME92, MMF02, MMF12, MMF22, MMF32 Space Gray MJ2X2, MMF62 Stainless Steel Silver MJ2Y2, MJ3A2, MJ3E2, MJ302, MJ312, MJ322, MJ332, MJ362, MJYK2, MLCL2, MLCN2, MLCP2, MLC02, MLC22, MLC32, MLE62, MLLD2, MMF82, MMFD2, MMF92, MMFH2, MMFK2 Space Black MJ3F2, MLCK2 Gold Rose Gold MJ3K2, MJ3L2, MJ8P2 Yellow Gold MJ3G2, MKL52 A1554 A1638 BCG-E2871 N28aAP Watch1,2 Aluminium Gold 42mm MLC72, MMEE2, MMFQ2 Rose Gold MLC62, MMFP2 Silver MJ3N2, MJ3P2, MJ3Q2, MJ3R2, MLC42, MLC52, MMED2, MMFE2, MMFL2, MMFM2, MMFN2 Space Gray MJ3T2, MMFR2 Stainless Steel Silver MJ3U2, MJ3V2, MJ3X2, MJ3Y2, MJ402, MJ432, MJ452, MJ472, MJYN2, MLCC2, MLCD2, MLCE2, MLC92, MLFA2, MLFC2, MLLE2, MMFU2, MMFV2, MMFX2, MMG02 Space Black MJ482, MLC82, MMG22 Gold Rose Gold MJ4A2, MLE52 Yellow Gold MJ8Q2, MJVT2, MKL62, MLFH2 Apple Watch Series 1 A1802 Bootrom 2651. BCG-E3102 N27dAP Watch2,6 Aluminium Gold 38mm MNNJ2, MQ102 Rose Gold MNNH2 Silver MNNG2 Space Gray MP022 A1803 BCG-E3103 N28dAP Watch2,7 Gold 42mm MNNN2, MQ122 Rose Gold MNNM2, MQ112 Silver MNNL2 Space Gray MP032 Apple Watch Series 2 A1757 A1816 Bootrom 2651. BCG-E3104 N74AP Watch2,3 Aluminium Gold 38mm MNP22, MNP32, MQ132 Rose Gold MNNY2, MNP02 Silver MNNQ2, MNNW2, MNNX2, MNYP2, MQ172 Space Gray MNYX2, MP0D2, MP052, MP082, MQ162 Stainless Steel Silver MNP42, MNP52, MNP62, MNP72, MNP82, MNP92, MNPA2, MNQ52, MNQ62, MNQ72, MNQ82, MNQ92, MQ1F2 Space Black MNPD2, MNPE2, MP492 Ceramic White MNPF2 A1758 A1817 BCG-E3105 N75AP Watch2,4 Aluminium Gold 42mm MNPN2, MNPP2, MQ152 Rose Gold MNPL2, MNPM2, MQ142 Silver MNNT2, MNPJ2, MNPK2, MNYQ2, MQ192 Space Gray MNYY2, MP0A2, MP062, MP072, MQ182 Stainless Steel Silver MNPR2, MNPT2, MNPU2, MNPV2, MNPW2, MNQ02, MNQ22, MNQ32, MNQC2 Space Black MNQ12, MP4A2 Ceramic White MNPQ2 Apple Watch Series 3 A1860 A1889 A1890 Bootrom 2651. BCG-A1860 BCG-A1889 BCG-A1890 N111sAP Watch3,1 Aluminium Gold 38mm MQJQ2, MQJU2, MQKH2, MQKL2, MQQG2, MQQK2 Silver MQJN2, MQJR2, MQKF2, MQKJ2, MQL52, MQL72, MQM72, MQM92, MQQE2, MQQH2, MQR42, MQR62 Space Gray MQJP2, MQJT2, MQKK2, MQKN2, MQL62, MQL82, MQM82, MQMA2, MR2W2, MR2Y2, MR332, MQQF2, MQQJ2, MQR52, MQR72 Stainless Steel Silver MQJV2, MQLJ2, MQLK2, MQLM2, MQLN2, MQLV2, MQML2, MQMM2, MQMP2, MQMQ2, MQQL2, MQRA2, MQRE2, MQRF2, MQX92, MR1F2. MR1N2, MR212 Space Black MQJW2, MQLW2, MQQM2, MR1H2, MR1Q2, MR222 Ceramic White MQJY2, MQM32, MQQP2 Gray MQK02, MQM42, MQQQ2 A1861 A1891 A1892 BCG-A1861 BCG-A1891 BCG-A1892 N111bAP Watch3,2 Aluminium Gold 42mm MQK32, MQK72, MQKP2, MQKT2, MQQU2, MQQX2 Silver MQK12, MQK52, MQKM2, MQKQ2, MQLC2, MQLE2, MQME2, MQMG2, MQQR2, MQQV2, MQRG2, MQRJ2 Space Gray MQK22, MQK62, MQKN2, MQKR2, MQLD2, MQLF2, MQMF2, MQMH2, MQQT2, MQQW2, MR2X2, MR302, MR342, MQRH2, MQRK2 Stainless Steel Silver MQK82, MQLP2, MQLQ2, MQLR2, MQLT2, MQLU2, MQLY2, MQMR2, MQMT2, MQMU2, MQMV2, MQMW2, MQQY2, MQRN2, MQRP2, MQRQ2, MQRR2, MQRT2, MQX62, MQX72, MQX92, MR1J2, MR1U2, MR232 Space Black MQK92, MQM02, MQR02, MR1L2, MR1V2, MR242 Ceramic White MQKD2, MQM52, MQR22 Gray MQKE2, MQM62, MQR32 A1858 BCG-A1858 N121sAP Watch3,3 Aluminium Gold 38mm MQKW2 Silver MQKU2, MQKX2 Space Gray MQKV2, MQKY2, MR352 A1859 BCG-A1859 N121bAP Watch3,4 Aluminium Gold 42mm MQL22 Silver MQL02, MQL32 Space Gray MQL12, MQL42, MR362 Apple Watch Series 4 A1977 Bootrom 3988. BCG-A1977 N131sAP Watch4,1 Aluminium Gold 40mm MU682, MU692 Silver MU642, MU652, MU6H2, MU7F2 Space Gray MU662, MU672, MU6J2, MU7G2 A1978 BCG-A1978 N131bAP Watch4,2 Aluminium Gold 44mm MU6F2, MU6G2 Silver MU6A2, MU6C2, MU6K2, MU7H2 Space Gray MU6D2, MU6E2, MU6L2, MU7J2 A1975 A2007 BCG-A1975 BCG-A2007 N141sAP Watch4,3 Aluminium Gold 40mm MTUJ2, MTUK2, MTVG2, MTVH2 Silver MTUD2, MTUF2, MTV92, MTX72, MTVA2, MTVC2, MTX62, MTXF2 Space Gray MTUG2, MTUN2, MTX82, MTX92, MTVD2, MTVF2, MTXG2, MTXH2 Stainless Steel Gold MTUR2, MTUT2, MTVN2, MTVQ2 Silver MTUL2, MTUM2, MU7K2, MU6R2, MU6N2, MU6Q2, MU6P2, MU6M2, MTVJ2, MTVK2, MU7L2, MU732, MU702, MU722, MU712, MU6Y2 Space Black MTUN2, MTUQ2, MTVL2, MTVM2 A1976 A2008 BCG‑A1976 BCG-A2008 N141bAP Watch4,4 Aluminium Gold 44mm MTV02, MTV12, MTVW2, MTVX2 Silver MTUU2, MTUV2, MU6X2, MTXC2, MTXA2, MTVR2, MTVT2, MTXK2, MTXJ2 Space Gray MTUW2, MTUX2, MTXE2, MTXD2, MTVU2, MTVV2, MTXM2, MTXL2 Stainless Steel Gold MTV72, MTV82, MTX42, MTX52 Silver MTV22, MTV42, MU6W2, MU6V2, MU9D2, MU9D2, MU6U2, MU6T2, MU782, MU772, MU762, MU9E2, MU752, MU742 Space Black MTV52, MTV62, MTX22, MTX32 Apple Watch Series 5 A2092 Bootrom 3988. BCG-A2092 N144sAP Watch5,1 Aluminium Gold 40mm MWRY2, MWV72 Silver MWRX2, MX3R2, MWV62 Space Gray MWT02, MWV82 A2093 BCG-A2093 N144bAP Watch5,2 Aluminium Gold 44mm MWT42 Silver MWVD2, MX3V2, MWT62, MWT32 Space Gray MWT52, MWVF2, MWT72 A2094 A2156 BCG-A2094 BCG-A2156 N146sAP Watch5,3 Aluminium Gold 40mm MWPU2, MWQ72 Silver MWWN2, MWX12, MX372, MX3C2, MWPT2, MWQ62, MWQG2 Space Gray MWPV2, MWQ82, MWWQ2, MWX32, MWQ42, MWQH2 Stainless Steel Gold MWPW2, MWX62, MWWV2, MWWU2 Stainless Steel MWPX2, MWQA2, MX5L2, MX5K2, MWWT2, MWX52, MWQJ2, MX5M2, MX5N2 Space Black MWPY2, MWQC2, MWX02, MWXC2, MWXA2 Titanium Titanium MWQ12, MWQE2 Space Black MWQ02, MWQD2 Ceramic White MWQ22, MWQF2 A2095 A2157 BCG-A2095 BCG-A2157 N146bAP Watch5,4 Aluminium Gold 44mm MWQL2, MWR02 Silver MWVY2, MWWC2, MX392, MX3E2, MWQV2, MXR12, MWQK2, MWQY2, MWR82 Space Gray MWQM2, MWR12, MWW12, MWWE2, MWQW2, MX3A2, MWR92 Stainless Steel Gold MWQN2, MWWH2, MWW62, MWW52, MWR22, MWWJ2 Stainless Steel MWQP2, MWR32, MWQX2, MWW32, MWWG2, MWRA2, MX5C2 Space Black MWQQ2, MWR42, MWW92, MWWM2 Titanium Titanium MWQT2, MWR62 Space Black MWQR2, MWR52 Ceramic White MWQU2, MWR72 Apple Watch SE A2351 ? BCG-A2351 N140sAP Watch5,9 Aluminium Gold 40mm MYDY2 Silver MYDX2 Space Gray MYE02 A2352 BCG-A2352 N140bAP Watch5,10 Gold 44mm MYE22 Silver MYE12 Space Gray MYE32 A2353 A2355 BCG-A2353 BCG-A2355 N142sAP Watch5,11 Gold 40mm MYF32, MYF62 Silver MYF22, MYF52 Space Gray MYF42, MYF72 A2354 A2356 BCG-A2353 BCG-A2355 N142bAP Watch5,12 Gold 44mm MYF92, MYFD2 Silver MYF82, MYFC2 Space Gray MYFA2, MYFE2 Apple Watch Series 6 A2291 ? BCG-A2292 N157sAP Watch6,1 Aluminium Gold 40mm MG193 Silver MG183 Space Gray MG1A3 Blue MG2A3 PRODUCT(RED) M02C3 A2292 BCG-A2292 N157bAP Watch6,2 Gold 44mm M02E3 Silver M02D3 Space Gray M02F3 Blue M02G3 PRODUCT(RED) M02H3 A2293 A2375 BCG-A2293 BCG-A2375 N158sAP Watch6,3 Aluminium Gold 40mm M0DP3, M0D53 Silver M0DM3, M0D23 Space Gray M0DQ3, M0D63 Blue M0DR3, M0D73 PRODUCT(RED) M0DT3, M0D83 Stainless Steel Gold M0DU3, M0D93 Silver M0DV3, M0DC3 Graphite M0DW3, M0DF3 Space Black MG363, MG303 Titanium Titanium M0DY3, M0DH3 Space Black M0DX3, M0DG3 A2294 A2376 BCG-A2294 BCG-A2376 N158bAP Watch6,4 Aluminium Gold 44mm M0GQ3, M0G73 Silver M0GP3, M0G63 Space Gray M0GR3, M0G83 Blue M0GT3, M0G93 PRODUCT(RED) M0GU3, M0GC3 Stainless Steel Gold M0GV3, M0GD3 Silver M0GW3, M0GF3 Graphite M0GX3, M0GG3 Titanium Titanium M0H23, M0GJ3 Space Black M0H13, M0GH3 Apple Watch Series 7 A2473 ? BCG-A2473 N187sAP Watch6,6 Aluminium Green 41mm MKNF3 Starlight MKNP3 Midnight MKMX3 Blue MKNH3 PRODUCT(RED) MKNJ3 A2474 BCG-A2474 N187bAP Watch6,7 Green 45mm MKNQ3 Starlight MKNP3 Midnight MKN53 Blue MKNR3 PRODUCT(RED) MKNT3 A2475 A2476 BCG-A2475 BCG-A2476 N188sAP Watch6,8 Aluminium Green 41mm MKLA3, MKLP3 Starlight MKL93, MKLN3 Midnight MKH73, MKHQ3 Blue MKLC3, MKLQ3 PRODUCT(RED) MKLD3, MKLR3 Stainless Steel Gold MKLE3, MKLT3 Silver MKLF3, MKHX3 Graphite MKHK3, MKJ23 Space Black MKLL3, MKM23 Titanium Titanium ML8U3, ML913 Space Black ML8V3, ML903 A2477 A2478 BCG-A2477 BCG-A2478 N188bAP Watch6,9 Aluminium Green 45mm MKM63, MKML3 Starlight MKM53, MKMK3 Midnight MKJ73, MKJP3 Blue MKM73, MKMM3 PRODUCT(RED) MKM83, MKMN3 Stainless Steel Gold MKM93, ML7W3 Silver MKJE3, MKJW3 Graphite MKJJ3, MKL33 Space Black MKMH3, MKMW3 Titanium Titanium ML8W3, ML8Y3 Space Black ML8V3, ML8X3 SE (2nd generation) ? ? ? N143sAP Watch6,10 Aluminum Midnight 41mm ? Starlight ? Silver ? N143bAP Watch6,11 Aluminum Midnight 45mm ? Starlight ? Silver ? N149sAP Watch6,12 Aluminum Midnight 41mm ? Starlight ? Silver ? N149bAP Watch6,13 Aluminum Midnight 45mm ? Starlight ? Silver ? Apple Watch Series 8 ? ? ? ? Watch6,14 Aluminum Midnight 41mm ? Starlight ? Silver ? (PRODUCT)RED ? Stainless Steel Gold ? Silver ? Graphite ? Space Black ? ? Watch6,15 Aluminum Midnight 45mm ? Starlight ? Silver ? (PRODUCT)RED ? Stainless Steel Gold ? Silver ? Graphite ? Space Black ? ? Watch6,16 Aluminum Midnight 41mm ? Starlight ? Silver ? (PRODUCT)RED ? Stainless Steel Gold ? Silver ? Graphite ? Space Black ? ? Watch6,17 Aluminum Midnight 45mm ? Starlight ? Silver ? (PRODUCT)RED ? Stainless Steel Gold ? Silver ? Graphite ? Space Black ? Apple Watch Ultra ? ? ? N199AP Watch6,18 Titanium 49mm MQFY3, MQG03, MQG13 Generation «A» Number FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Model Apple Pencil A1603 BCGA1603 B222AP Unknown MK0C2 Apple Pencil (2nd generation) A2051 BCGA2051 B332AP Unknown MU8F2 Generation «A» Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Finish Storage Model iPad Air A1474 Bootrom 1704.10 BCGA1474 J71AP iPad4,1 Silver 16 GB MD788 32 GB MD789 64 GB MD790 128 GB ME906 Space Gray 16 GB MD785 32 GB MD786 64 GB MD787 128 GB ME898 A1475 BCGA1475 J72AP iPad4,2 Silver 16 GB MD794, ME997, ME999, MF021, MF502 32 GB MD795, MF025, MF527, MF529, MF532 64 GB MD796, MF012, MF013, MF027, MF539 128 GB ME988, MF018, MF019, MF029, MF563 Space Gray 16 GB MD791, ME991, ME993, MF020, MF496 32 GB MD792, MF003, MF004, MF024, MF520 64 GB MD793, MF009, MF010, MF026, MF534 128 GB ME987, MF015, MF016, MF028, MF558 A1476 BCGA1476 J73AP iPad4,3 Silver 16 GB MF230 32 GB MF233 64 GB MF234 128 GB MF236 Space Gray 16 GB MD797 32 GB MD798 64 GB MD799 128 GB MF235 iPad Air 2 A1566 Bootrom 1991. BCGA1566 J81AP iPad5,3 Gold 16 GB MH0W2 32 GB MNV72 64 GB MH182 128 GB MH1J2 Silver 16 GB MGLW2 32 GB MNV62 64 GB MGKM2 128 GB MGTY2 Space Gray 16 GB MGL12 32 GB MNV22 64 GB MGKL2 128 GB MGTX2 A1567 BCGA1567 J82AP iPad5,4 Gold 16 GB MH2W2, MH1C2 32 GB MNW32 64 GB MH2P2, MH172, MHWP2 128 GB MH332, MH2D2, MH1G2 Silver 16 GB MH2V2, MGHC2 32 GB MNW22 64 GB MH2N2, MGHY2, MGK02 128 GB MH322, MGWM2 Space Gray 16 GB MGGX2, MH2U2, MGH62 32 GB MNW12 64 GB MH2M2, MGHX2, MGJY2 128 GB MH312, MGWL2 iPad Air (3rd generation) A2152 Bootrom 3865. BCGA2152 J217AP iPad11,3 Gold 64 GB MUUL2 256 GB MUUT2 Silver 64 GB MUUK2 256 GB MUUR2 Space Gray 64 GB MUUJ2 256 GB MUUQ2 A2123 A2153 A2154 BCGA2123 BCGA2153 J218AP iPad11,4 Gold 64 GB MV172, MV0F2 256 GB MV1G2, MV0Q2 Silver 64 GB MV162, MV0E2 256 GB MV1F2, MV0P2 Space Gray 64 GB MV152, MV0D2 256 GB MV1D2, MV0N2 iPad Air (4th generation) A2316 Bootrom 5281. BCGA2316 J307AP iPad13,1 Rose Gold 64 GB MYFP2 256 GB MYFX2 Silver 64 GB MYFN2 256 GB MYFW2 Space Gray 64 GB MYFM2 256 GB MYFT2 Green 64 GB MYFR2 256 GB MYG02 Sky Blue 64 GB MYFQ2 256 GB MYFY2 A2324 A2325 A2072 BCGA2324 BCGA2072 J308AP iPad13,2 Rose Gold 64 GB MYGY2, MYJ02 256 GB MYH52, MYJ52 Silver 64 GB MYGX2, MYHY2 256 GB MYH42, MYJ42 Space Gray 64 GB MYGW2, MYHX2 256 GB MYH22, MYJ32 Green 64 GB MYH12, MYJ22 256 GB MYH72, MYJ72 Sky Blue 64 GB MYH02, MYJ12 256 GB MYH62, MYJ62 iPad Air (5th generation) A2588 ? ? J407AP iPad13,16 Space Gray 64 GB MM9C3 256 GB MM9L3 Pink 64 GB MM9D3 256 GB MM9M3 Purple 64 GB MME23 256 GB MME63 Blue 64 GB MM9E3 256 GB MM9N3 Starlight 64 GB MM9F3 256 GB MM9P3 A2589 A2591 ? J408AP iPad13,17 Space Gray 64 GB MM6R3, MM753 256 GB MM713, MM7E3 Pink 64 GB MM6T3, MM9M3 256 GB MM723, MM7F3 Purple 64 GB MME93, MME23 256 GB MMED3, MME63 Blue 64 GB MM6U3, MM773 256 GB MM733, MM7G3 Starlight 64 GB MM6V3, MM783 256 GB MM743, MM7H3 Generation «A» Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Finish Storage Model iPad Pro (12.9-inch) A1584 Bootrom 2481.‎ BCGA1584 J98aAP iPad6,7 Gold 32 GB ML0H2 128 GB ML0R2 256 GB ML0V2 Silver 32 GB ML0G2 128 GB ML0Q2 256 GB ML0U2 Space Gray 32 GB ML0F2 128 GB ML0N2 256 GB ML0T2 A1652 BCGA1652 J99aAP iPad6,8 Gold 128 GB ML3Q2, ML2K2, ML3P2 256 GB ML3Z2, ML2N2, ML412 Silver 128 GB ML3N2, ML2J2, ML3O2 256 GB ML3W2, ML2M2 Space Gray 128 GB ML3K2, ML2I2 256 GB ML3T2, ML2L2 iPad Pro (9.7-inch) A1673 Bootrom 2481.‎ BCGA1673 J127AP iPad6,3 Gold 32 GB MLMQ2 128 GB MLMX2 256 GB MLN12 Silver 32 GB MLMP2 128 GB MLMW2 256 GB MLN02 Space Gray 32 GB MLMN2 128 GB MLMV2 256 GB MLMY2 Rose Gold 32 GB MM172 128 GB MM192 256 GB MM1A2 A1674 A1675 BCGA1674 J128AP iPad6,4 Gold 32 GB MLPY2 128 GB MLQ52 256 GB MLQ82 Silver 32 GB MLPX2 128 GB MLQ42 256 GB MLQ72 Space Gray 32 GB MLPW2 128 GB MLQ32 256 GB MLQ62 Rose Gold 32 GB MLYJ2 128 GB MLYL2 256 GB MLYM2 iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) A1670 Bootrom 3135. BCGA1670 J120AP iPad7,1 Gold 64 GB MQDD2 256 GB MP6J2 512 GB MPL12 Silver 64 GB MQDC2 256 GB MP6H2 512 GB MPL02 Space Gray 64 GB MQDA2 256 GB MP6G2 512 GB MPKY2 A1671 A1821 BCGA1671 J121AP iPad7,2 Gold 64 GB MQEF2 256 GB MPA62 512 GB MPLL2 Silver 64 GB MQEE2 256 GB MPA52 512 GB MPLK2 Space Gray 64 GB MQED2 256 GB MPA42 512 GB MPLJ2 iPad Pro (10.5-inch) A1701 Bootrom 3135. BCGA1701 J207AP iPad7,3 Gold 64 GB MQDX2 256 GB MPF12 512 GB MPGK2 Rose Gold 64 GB MQDY2 256 GB MPF22 512 GB MPGL2 Silver 64 GB MQDW2 256 GB MPF02 512 GB MPGJ2 Space Gray 64 GB MQDT2 256 GB MPDY2 512 GB MPGH2 A1709 BCGA1709 J208AP iPad7,4 Gold 64 GB MQF12 256 GB MPHJ2 512 GB MPMG2 Rose Gold 64 GB MQF22 256 GB MPHK2 512 GB MPMH2 Silver 64 GB MQF02 256 GB MPHH2 512 GB MPMF2 Space Gray 64 GB MQEY2 256 GB MPHG2 512 GB MPME2 iPad Pro (11-inch) A1980 Bootrom 4172. BCGA1980 J317AP iPad8,1 Silver 64 GB MTXP2 256 GB MTXR2 512 GB MTXU2 Space Gray 64 GB MTXN2 256 GB MTXQ2 512 GB MTXT2 J317xAP iPad8,2 Silver 1 TB MTXW2 Space Gray 1 TB MTXV2 A1934 BCGA1934 J318AP iPad8,3 Silver 64 GB MU0U2 256 GB MU172 512 GB MU1M2 Space Gray 64 GB MU0M2 256 GB MU102 512 GB MU1F2 J318xAP iPad8,4 Silver 1 TB MU222 Space Gray 1 TB MU1V2 A1979 J318AP iPad8,3 Silver 64 GB MU0X2 256 GB MU1C2 512 GB MU1T2 Space Gray 64 GB MU0Q2 256 GB MU152 512 GB MU1J2 J318xAP iPad8,4 Silver 1 TB MU272 Space Gray 1 TB MU1Y2 A2013 BCGA2013 J318AP iPad8,3 Silver 64 GB MU0Y2 256 GB MU1D2 512 GB MU1U2 Space Gray 64 GB MU0T2 256 GB MU162 512 GB MU1K2 J318xAP iPad8,4 Silver 1 TB MU282 Space Gray 1 TB MU202 iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation) A1876 Bootrom 4172. BCGA1876 J320AP iPad8,5 Silver 64 GB MTEM2 256 GB MTFN2 512 GB MTFQ2 Space Gray 64 GB MTEL2 256 GB MTFL2 512 GB MTFP2 J320xAP iPad8,6 Silver 1 TB MTFT2 Space Gray 1 TB MTFR2 A1895 BCGA1985 J321AP iPad8,7 Silver 64 GB MTHP2 256 GB MTJ62 512 GB MTJJ2 Space Gray 64 GB MTHJ2 256 GB MTHV2 512 GB MTJD2 J321xAP iPad8,8 Silver 1 TB MTJV2 Space Gray 1 TB MTJP2 A1983 J321AP iPad8,7 Silver 64 GB MTHT2 256 GB MTJ92 512 GB MTJM2 Space Gray 64 GB MTHM2 256 GB MTHY2 512 GB MTJG2 J321xAP iPad8,8 Silver 1 TB MTJY2 Space Gray 1 TB MTJT2 A2014 BCGA2014 J321AP iPad8,7 Silver 64 GB MTHU2 256 GB MTJA2 512 GB MTJN2 Space Gray 64 GB MTHN2 256 GB MTJ02 512 GB MTJH2 J321xAP iPad8,8 Silver 1 TB MTL02 Space Gray 1 TB MTJU2 iPad Pro (11-inch) (2nd generation) A2228 Bootrom 4172. BCGA2228 J417AP iPad8,9 Silver 128 GB MY252 256 GB MXDD2 512 GB MXDF2 1 TB MXDH2 Space Gray 128 GB MY232 256 GB MXDC2 512 GB MXDE2 1 TB MXDG2 A2068 A2230 A2231 BCGA2068 BCGA2230 J418AP iPad8,10 Silver 128 GB MY2W2, MY342 256 GB MXE52, MXEX2 512 GB MXE72, MXF02 1 TB MXE92, MXF22 Space Gray 128 GB MY2V2, MY332 256 GB MXE42, MXEW2 512 GB MXE62, MXEY2 1 TB MXE82, MXF12 iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation) A2229 Bootrom 4172. BCGA2229 J420AP iPad8,11 Silver 128 GB MY2J2 256 GB MXAU2 512 GB MXAW2 1 TB MXAY2 Space Gray 128 GB MY2H2 256 GB MXAT2 512 GB MXAV2 1 TB MXAX2 A2069 A2232 A2233 BCGA2069 BCGA2232 J421AP iPad8,12 Silver 128 GB MY3D2, MY3K2 256 GB MXF62, MXFY2 512 GB MXF82, MXG12 1 TB MXFA2, MXG32 Space Gray 128 GB MY3C2, MY3J2 256 GB MXF52, MXFX2 512 GB MXF72, MXG02 1 TB MXF92, MXG22 iPad Pro (11-inch) (3rd generation) ? ? ? J517AP iPad13,4 Silver 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB Space Gray 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB ? ? J517xAP iPad13,5 Silver 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB Space Gray 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB ? ? J518AP iPad13,6 Silver 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB Space Gray 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB ? ? J518xAP iPad13,7 Silver 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB Space Gray 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation) ? ? ? J522AP iPad13,8 Silver 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB Space Gray 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB ? ? J522xAP iPad13,9 Silver 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB Space Gray 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB ? ? J523AP iPad13,10 Silver 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB Space Gray 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB ? ? J523xAP iPad13,11 Silver 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB Space Gray 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB Generation «A» Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Finish Storage Model iPad mini A1432 ROM BCGA1432 P105AP iPad2,5 Black & Slate 16 GB MD528, MF432 32 GB MD529 64 GB MD530 White & Silver 16 GB MD531 32 GB MD532 64 GB MD533 A1454 BCGA1454 P106AP iPad2,6 Black & Slate 16 GB MD534, ME030, MF442, MF743 32 GB MD535, ME031 64 GB MD536, ME032 White & Silver 16 GB MD537, ME033, MF746 32 GB MD538, ME034 64 GB MD539, ME035 A1455 BCGA1455 P107AP iPad2,7 Black & Slate 16 GB MD540, ME215, MF450, MF453 32 GB MD541, ME216 64 GB MD542, ME217 White & Silver 16 GB MD543, ME218 32 GB MD544, ME219 64 GB MD545, ME220 iPad mini 2 A1489 Bootrom 1704.10 BCGA1489 J85AP iPad4,4 Silver 16 GB ME279 32 GB ME280 64 GB ME281 128 GB ME860 Space Gray 16 GB ME276 32 GB ME277 64 GB ME278 128 GB ME856 A1490 BCGA1490 J86AP iPad4,5 Silver 16 GB ME814, ME818, MF074, MF075, MF076, MF544 32 GB ME824, MF083, MF084, MF085, MF569 64 GB ME832, MF089, MF090, MF091, MF580 128 GB ME840, MF120, MF121, MF123, MF594 Space Gray 16 GB ME800, MF066, MF069, MF070, MF078, MF519 32 GB ME820, MF080, MF081, MF082, MF552 64 GB ME828, MF086, MF087, MF088, MF575 128 GB ME836, MF116, MF117, MF118, MF585 A1491 BCGA1491 J87AP iPad4,6 Silver 16 GB MF248 32 GB MF252 64 GB MF246 128 GB MF244 Space Gray 16 GB MF247 32 GB MF251 64 GB MF245 128 GB MF243 iPad mini 3 A1599 Bootrom 1704.10 BCGA1599 J85mAP iPad4,7 Gold 16 GB MGYE2 64 GB MGY92 128 GB MGYK2 Silver 16 GB MGNV2 64 GB MGGT2 128 GB MGP42 Space Gray 16 GB MGNR2 64 GB MGGQ2 128 GB MGP32 A1600 BCGA1600 J86mAP iPad4,8 Gold 16 GB MH3G2, MH0F2 64 GB MH392 128 GB MH3N2 Silver 16 GB MH3F2 64 GB MH382 128 GB MH3M2 Space Gray 16 GB MH3E2 64 GB MH372 128 GB MH3L2 A1601 BCGA1601 J87mAP iPad4,9 Gold 16 GB MGYR2, MGYY2 64 GB MGYN2, MGYW2 128 GB MGYU2, MH012 Silver 16 GB MGHW2, MGPW2 64 GB MGJ12, MGQ12 128 GB MGJ32, MGQ32 Space Gray 16 GB MGHV2, MGPV2 64 GB MGJ02, MGQ02 128 GB MGJ22, MGQ22 iPad mini 4 A1538 Bootrom 1992. BCGA1538 J96AP iPad5,1 Gold 16 GB MK6L2 32 GB MNY32 64 GB MK9J2 128 GB MK9Q2 Silver 16 GB MK6K2 32 GB MNY22 64 GB MK9H2 128 GB MK9P2 Space Gray 16 GB MK6J2 32 GB MNY12 64 GB MK9G2 128 GB MK9N2 A1550 BCGA1550 J97AP iPad5,2 Gold 16 GB MK882, MK712 32 GB MNWR2, MNWG2 64 GB MK8C2, MK752 128 GB MK8F2, MK782 Silver 16 GB MK872, MK702, MK7X2 32 GB MNWQ2, MNWF2 64 GB MK8A2, MK732 128 GB MK8E2, MK772 Space Gray 16 GB MK862, MK7L2 32 GB MNWP2 64 GB MK892, MK722 128 GB MK8D2, MK762 iPad mini (5th generation) A2133 Bootrom 3865. BCGA2133 J210AP iPad11,1 Gold 64 GB MUQY2 256 GB MUU62 Silver 64 GB MUQX2 256 GB MUU52 Space Gray 64 GB MUQW2 256 GB MUU32 A2124 A2125 A2126 BCGA2124 BCGA2126 J211AP iPad11,2 Gold 64 GB MUXH2, MUX72 256 GB MUXP2, MUXE2 Silver 64 GB MUXG2, MUX62 256 GB MUXN2, MUXD2 Space Gray 64 GB MUXF2, MUX52 256 GB MUXM2, MUXC2 iPad mini (6th generation) A2567 ? BCGA2567 J310AP iPad14,1 Space Gray 64 GB MK7M3 256 GB MK7T3 Pink 64 GB MLWL3 256 GB MLWR3 Purple 64 GB MK7R3 256 GB MK7X3 Starlight 64 GB MK7P3 256 GB MK7V3 A2568 A2569 BCGA2568 BCGA2569 J311AP iPad14,2 Space Gray 64 GB MK893 256 GB MK8F3 Pink 64 GB MLX43 256 GB MLX93 Purple 64 GB MK8E3 256 GB MK8K3 Starlight 64 GB MK8C3 256 GB MK8H3 Generation «A» Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Finish Storage Model iPhone A1203 Bootrom Rev.2 BCGA1203 M68AP iPhone1,1 Black 4 GB MA501 8 GB MA712 16 GB MB384 iPhone 3G A1241 A1324 Bootrom Rev.2 BCGA1241 N82AP iPhone1,2 Black 8 GB MB046, MB489, MB639, MB702, MC176, MB490, MB757 16 GB MB048, MB496, MB497, MB704, MB631 White MB499, MB500, MB501, MB632, MB705 iPhone 3GS A1303 A1325 Bootrom 359.3 Bootrom 359.3.2 BCGA1303A BCGA1303B N88AP iPhone2,1 Black 8 GB MC555, MC640, MC637 16 GB MB715, MB719, MB735, MC131, MC135, MC139, MC143 32 GB MB717, MB737, MC133, MC137, MC141, MC158 White 16 GB MB716, MB736, MC132, MC136, MC140, MC144 32 GB MB718, MB738, MC134, MC138, MC160 iPhone 4 A1332 Bootrom 574.4 BCG-E2380A BCG-E2380B N90AP iPhone3,1 Black 8 GB MD126, MD127, MD128 16 GB MC318, MC603, MC608 32 GB MC319, MC605, MC610 White 8 GB MD196, MD197, MD198 16 GB MC604, MC536, MC607, MC609 32 GB MC606, MC537, MC611 BCG-E2380A BCG-E2380B N90bAP iPhone3,2 Black 8 GB MD128, ME798 White ME799 A1349 BCG-E2422A BCG-E2422B N92AP iPhone3,3 Black 8 GB MD146, MD439, MD873, ME639 16 GB MC676 32 GB MC678 White 8 GB MD200, MD440, MD874 16 GB MC677 32 GB MC679 iPhone 4S A1387 A1431 Bootrom 838.3 BCG-E2430A N94AP iPhone4,1 Black 8 GB ME259, MF257, MF261, MF263, MF265, MF269, MF259, MF267 16 GB MC918, MC922, MD234, MD235, MD276, MD377, MD865, ME804, MD236, MD251, MD254 32 GB MC919, MC923, MD241, MD242, MD278, MD379, MD261, MD243 64 GB MD257, MD258, MD269, MD280, MD381, MD259, MD270 White 8 GB MF258, MF260, MF262, MF264, MF266, MF270, MF268 16 GB MC920, MC924, MD237, MD239, MD277, MD378, MD866, ME805, MD240, MD920 32 GB MC921, MD244, MD279, MD380, MD246, MD245, MC925 64 GB MD260, MD271, MD272, MD281, MD382, MD262 iPhone 5 A1428 Bootrom 1145.3 BCG-E2599A N41AP iPhone5,1 Black & Slate 16 GB MD293, MD634, MD638, ME486 32 GB MD295, MD636, ME488, MD640 64 GB MD642, MD644, ME490, MD646 White & Silver 16 GB MD294, MD635, ME487, MD639 32 GB MD296, MD637, ME489, MD641 64 GB MD643, MD645, ME491, MD647 A1429 A1442 N42AP iPhone5,2 Black & Slate 16 GB MD297, MD654, MD656, ME039, MD097, MD669, MD671 32 GB MD299, MD658, MD660, ME041 64 GB MD662, MD664, MD667, ME043 White & Silver 16 GB MD298, MD655, MD657, ME040, MD105, MD672 32 GB MD300, MD659, MD661, ME042, MD144 64 GB MD663, MD665, MD668, ME044 iPhone 5c A1456 A1532 Bootrom 1145.3 BCG-E2644A N48AP iPhone5,3 Blue 16 GB ME507, ME531, ME543 32 GB MF136, MF151 Green 16 GB ME508, ME496, ME544, ME568 32 GB MF137, MF152 Pink 16 GB ME509, ME533, ME545 32 GB MF138, MF133, MF153 White 16 GB ME505, ME493, ME541, ME565 32 GB MF134, MF149 Yellow 8 GB MGF12 16 GB ME506 32 GB MF135 A1507 A1516 A1526 A1529 BCG-E2694A BCG-E2694B N49AP iPhone5,4 Blue 8 GB MG0T2, MG1U2, MG902 16 GB ME555, ME501, ME561, MF323, MF333 32 GB MF156 Green 8 GB MG0V2(?), MG1W2(?), MG912 16 GB ME556, ME502, MF324 32 GB MF157, MF095, MF329 Pink 8 GB MG0V2(?), MG1W2(?), MG922 16 GB ME557, ME503 32 GB MF158, MF330 White 8 GB MG0Q2, MG1Q2, MG8X2 16 GB ME553, ME499, MF321 32 GB MF154, MF326 Yellow 8 GB MG0R2, MG1R2, MG8Y2 16 GB ME554, MF322 32 GB MF155, MF327 iPhone 5s A1453 A1533 Bootrom 1704.10 BCG-E2642A N51AP iPhone6,1 Gold 16 GB ME298, ME307, ME325, ME343, ME334 32 GB ME301, ME310, ME328, ME346, ME337 64 GB ME304, ME313, ME331, ME349, ME340 Silver 16 GB ME297, ME306, ME324, ME333, ME342 32 GB ME300, ME309, ME327, ME345, ME336 64 GB ME303, ME312, ME348, ME339, ME330, MF359 Space Gray 16 GB ME296, ME305, ME323, ME341, ME332, MF797 32 GB ME299, ME308, ME326, ME344, ME335, MF384 64 GB ME302, ME311, ME329, ME347, ME338 A1457 A1518 A1528 A1530 BCG-E2643A BCG-E2643B N53AP iPhone6,2 Gold 16 GB ME434, MF354, MF398, MF363 32 GB ME437, MF357 64 GB ME440, MF360 Silver 16 GB ME433, MF353, MF362 32 GB ME436, MF356 64 GB ME439 Space Gray 16 GB ME432, MF352 32 GB ME435, MF355 64 GB ME438, MF358 iPhone 6 A1549 A1586 A1589 Bootrom 1992. BCG-E2816A N61AP iPhone7,2 Gold 16 GB MG3D2, MG492, MG4Q2, MG562, MG5Y2, MG6C2 32 GB MQ3E2 64 GB MG3L2, MG4J2, MG502, MG652, MG6J2, MG842 128 GB MG3G2, MG4E2, MG4V2, MG622 Silver 16 GB MG3C2, MG4P2, MG482, MG5X2, MG552, MG6A2, MG7W2 64 GB MG3K2, MG4H2, MG4X2, MG5C2, MG6H2, MG642, MG822 128 GB MG3F2, MG4C2, MG612 Space Gray 16 GB MG3A2, MG4N2, MG472, MG5H2, MG5W2, MG542, MG692 32 GB MQ3D2, MQ462 64 GB MG3H2, MG4F2, MG4W2, MG5A2, MG6G2, MG632 128 GB MG3E2, MG4A2, MG4R2, MG602 iPhone 6 Plus A1522 A1524 A1593 Bootrom 1992. BCG-E2817A N56AP iPhone7,1 Gold 16 GB MGAA2, MGAN2, MGC12, MGCM2, MGCX2 64 GB MGAK2, MGAW2, MGC72, MGCU2 128 GB MGAF2, MGAR2, MGC42, MGCQ2 Silver 16 GB MGA92, MGC92, MGAM2, MGC02, MGCL2 64 GB MGAJ2, MGAV2, MGC62, MGCT2 128 GB MGAE2, MGAQ2, MGC32, MGCP2 Space Gray 16 GB MGA82, MGAL2, MGAX2, MGCK2 64 GB MGAH2, MGAU2, MGC52, MGCR2 128 GB MGAC2, MGAP2, MGC22, MGCN2 iPhone 6s A1633 A1688 A1691 A1700 Bootrom 2234. ( S8000 ) Bootrom 2234. ( S8003 ) BCG-E2946A N71AP N71mAP iPhone8,1 Gold 16 GB MKQL2, MKQ72, MKR12, MKRE2, MKRW2, MKT92, ML7E2 32 GB MN0P2, MN172, MN1K2, MN1U2, MN1Y2, MN112 64 GB MKQC2, MKQQ2, MKR52, MKRJ2, MKT12, MKTE2, ML7J2 128 GB MKQG2, MKQV2, MKR92, MKRP2, MKT52, MKTJ2, ML7N2 Rose Gold 16 GB MKQM2, MKQ82, MKRF2, MKRX2, MKR22, MKTA2, ML7F2 32 GB MN0V2, MN192, MN1L2, MN1V2, MN202, MN122 64 GB MKQD2, MKQR2, MKR62, MKRK2, MKT22, MKTF2, ML7K2 128 GB MKQH2, MKQW2, MKRA2, MKRQ2, MKT62, MKTK2, ML7P2 Silver 16 GB MKQ62, MKQK2, MKQY2, MKRD2, MKRT2, MKT82, ML7D2, NKQJ2 32 GB MN0N2, MN162, MN1G2, MN1Q2, MN1X2, MN0X2 64 GB MKQA2, MKQP2, MKR42, MKRH2, MKT02, MKTD2, ML7H2 128 GB MKQF2, MKQU2, MKR82, MKRM2, MKT42, MKTH2, ML7M2 Space Gray 16 GB MKQ52, MKQJ2, MKQX2, MKRC2, MKRR2, MKT72, ML7C2 32 GB MN0M2, MN132, MN1E2, MN1M2, MN1W2, MN0W2 64 GB MKQN2, MKQ92, MKR32, MKRG2, MKRY2, MKTC2, ML7G2 128 GB MKQE2, MKQT2, MKR72, MKRL2, MKT32, MKTG2, ML7L2 iPhone 6s Plus A1634 A1687 A1690 A1699 Bootrom 2234. ( S8000 ) Bootrom 2234. ( S8003 ) BCG-E2944A N66AP N66mAP iPhone8,2 Gold 16 GB MKTN2, MKU32, MKUN2, MKV62, MKVQ2, MKW72, ML6D2 32 GB MN2X2 64 GB MKTT2, MKU82, MKUV2, MKVD2, MKVX2, MKWD2, ML6H2 128 GB MKTX2, MKUF2, MKV12, MKVH2, MKW22, MKWH2, ML6M2 Rose Gold 16 GB MKU52, ML6E2, MKTP2, MKUP2, MKV72, MKVU2, MKW82 32 GB MN2Y2 64 GB MKU92, ML6J2, MKTU2, MKUW2, MKVE2, MKVY2, MKWE2 128 GB MKUG2, MKV22, ML6N2, MKVJ2, MKTY2 Silver 16 GB MKTM2, MKU22, MKUJ2, MKV52, MKVP2, MKW62, ML6C2 64 GB MKTR2, MKU72, MKUU2, MKV92, MKVW2, MKWC2, ML6G2 128 GB MKTW2, MKUE2, MKUY2, MKVG2, MKW12, MKWG2, ML6L2 Space Gray 16 GB MKU12, ML6A2, MKV32, MKTL2, MKUH2, MKVN2, MKW52 32 GB MN2V2 64 GB MKU62, ML6F2, MKTQ2, MKUQ2, MKV82, MKVV2, MKW92, ML642 128 GB MKUD2, ML6K2, MKTV2, MKUX2, MKVF2, MKW02, MKWF2 iPhone SE (1st generation) A1662 A1723 A1724 Bootrom 2234. ( S8000 ) Bootrom 2234. ( S8003 ) BCG-E2945A BCG-E3042A N69AP N69uAP iPhone8,4 Gold 16 GB MLXH2, MLXW2, MLY12, MLY52, MLY92, MLXM2 32 GB MP8D2, MP8R2, MP8H2, MP8M2, MP7V2, MP842 64 GB MLXK2, MLXY2, MLY32, MLY72, MLYC2, MLXP2 128 GB MP952, MP9J2, MP992, MP9E2, MP802, MP882 Rose Gold 16 GB MLXJ2, MLXX2, MLY22, MLY62, MLYA2, MLXN2 32 GB MP8E2, MP8T2, MP8J2, MP8N2, MP7W2, MP852 64 GB MLXL2, MLY02, MLY42, MLY82, MLYD2, MLXQ2 128 GB MP962, MP9K2, MP9A2, MP9F2, MP812, MP892 Silver 16 GB MLLM2, MLLV2, MLLX2, MLM02, MLM32, MLLP2 32 GB MP8C2, MP8Q2, MP8G2, MP8L2, MP7U2, MP832 64 GB MLM52, MLMC2, MLME2, MLMG2, MLMJ2, MLM72 128 GB MP942, MP9H2, MP982, MP9D2, MP7Y2, MP872 Space Gray 16 GB MLLL2, MLLU2, MLLW2, MLLY2, MLM22, MLLN2 32 GB MP8A2, MP8P2, MP8F2, MP8K2, MP7T2, MP822 64 GB MLM42, MLM62, MLMA2, MLMD2, MLMF2, MLMH2 128 GB MP932, MP9G2, MP972, MP9C2, MP7X2, MP862 iPhone 7 A1660 A1779 A1780 Bootrom 2696. BCG-E3085A BCG-E3086A D10AP iPhone9,1 Black 32 GB MN8G2, MNAC2, MNAY2, MNCE2, MNGQ2 128 GB MN8L2, MNAJ2, MNC32, MNCK2, MNGX2 256 GB MN8R2, MNAQ2, MNC82, MNCQ2 Gold 32 GB MN8J2, MNAE2, MNC12, MNCG2 128 GB MN8N2, MNAL2, MNC52, MNCM2, MNH02 256 GB MN8U2, MNAV2, MNCA2, MNCT2, MN992 Jet Black 128 GB MN8Q2, MNAP2, MNC72, MNCP2 256 GB MN8W2, MNAX2, MNCD2, MNCV2 PRODUCT(RED) 128 GB MPRV2, MPRT2, MPRH2, MPRL2 256 GB MPRW2, MPRU2, MPRJ2, MPRM2 Rose Gold 32 GB MN8K2, MNAF2, MNC22, MNCJ2 128 GB MN8P2, MNAM2, MNC62, MNH12, MNCN2 256 GB MN8V2, MNAW2, MNCC2, MNCU2, MN9A2 Silver 32 GB MN8H2, MNAD2, MNC02, MNCF2, MN8Y2 128 GB MN8M2, MNAK2, MNC42, MNCL2,a MN932 256 GB MN8T2, MNAU2, MNC92, MNCR2, MN982 A1778 BCG-E3091A D101AP iPhone9,3 Black 32 GB MN9D2, MN9U2, MN8X2 128 GB MN9H2, MN9Y2, MN922 256 GB MN9N2, MNA62, MN972 Gold 32 GB MN9F2, MN9W2, MN902 128 GB MN9K2, MNA32, MN942 256 GB MN9Q2, MNA82 Jet Black 32 GB MQTR2, MQTX2 128 GB MN9M2, MNA52, MN962 256 GB MN9T2, MNAA2, MN9C2 PRODUCT(RED) 128 GB MPRN2, MPRQ2 256 GB MPRP2, MPRR2 Rose Gold 32 GB MN9G2, MN9X2, MN912 128 GB MN9L2, MNA42, MN952 256 GB MN9R2, MNA92 Silver 32 GB MN9E2, MN9V2 128 GB MN9J2, MNA02 256 GB MN9P2, MNA72 iPhone 7 Plus A1661 A1785 A1786 Bootrom 2696. BCG-E3087A BCG-E3088A D11AP iPhone9,2 Black 32 GB MNQH2, MNR12, MNR52, MNR92, MNRJ2 128 GB MN482, MN5T2, MN642, MN6F2, MNFP2 256 GB MN4E2, MN5Y2, MN692, MN6L2, MNFV2 Gold 32 GB MNQK2, MNR32, MNR72, MNRC2, MNRL2 128 GB MN4A2, MN5V2, MN662, MN6H2, MNFR2 256 GB MN4J2, MN612, MN6C2, MN6N2 Jet Black 32GB MQU22 128 GB MN4D2, MN5X2, MN682, MN6K2 256 GB MN4L2, MN632, MN6E2, MN6Q2 PRODUCT(RED) 128 GB MPR12, MPR02, MPQV2, MPQW2 256 GB MPRA2, MPR92, MPR52, MPR62 Rose Gold 32 GB MNQL2, MNR42, MNR82, MNRD2, MNRM2 128 GB MN4C2, MN5W2, MN672, MN6J2, MNFT2 256 GB MN4K2, MN622, MN6D2, MN6P2, MNFY2 Silver 32 GB MNQJ2, MNR22, MNR62, MNRA2, MNRK2 128 GB MN492, MN5U2, MN652, MN6G2, MNFQ2 256 GB MN4F2, MN602, MN6A2, MN6M2 A1784 BCG-E3092A D111AP iPhone9,4 Black 32 GB MNQR2, MNQW2, MNQM2 128 GB MN522, MN5G2, MN4M2 256 GB MN592, MN5M2, MN4W2 Gold 32 GB MNQU2, MNQY2, MNQP2 128 GB MN552, MN5J2, MN4Q2 256 GB MN5D2, MN5P2, MN4Y2 Jet Black 128 GB MN572, MN5L2, MN4V2 256 GB MN5F2, MN5R2, MN512 PRODUCT(RED) 128 GB MPQW2, MPQY2 256 GB MPR72, MPR82 Rose Gold 32 GB MNQV2, MNR02, MNQQ2 128 GB MN562, MN5K2, MN4U2 256 GB MN5E2, MN5Q2 Silver 32 GB MNQT2, MNQX2, MNQN2 128 GB MN532, MN5H2, MN4P2 256 GB MN5C2, MN5N2, MN4X2, MN502 iPhone 8 A1863 A1906 A1907 Bootrom 3332. BCG-E3159A BCG-E3171A D20AP iPhone10,1 Gold 64 GB MQ6M2, MQ742, MQ772, MQ7A2 256 GB MQ7H2, MQ802, MQ832, MQ862 Silver 64 GB MQ6L2, MQ732, MQ762, MQ792 256 GB MQ7G2, MQ7Y2, MQ822, MQ852 Space Gray 64 GB MQ6K2, MQ722, MQ752, MQ782 128 GB MX132 256 GB MQ7F2, MQ7X2, MQ812, MQ842 D20AAP PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MRRK2, MRRR2, MRRT2 256 GB MRRL2, MRRW2, MRRX2 A1905 BCG-E3172A D201AP iPhone10,4 Gold 64 GB MQ6J2, MQ6X2, MQ712 256 GB MQ7E2, MQ7T2, MQ7W2 Silver 64 GB MQ6H2, MQ6W2, MQ702 256 GB MQ7D2, MQ7R2, MQ7V2 Space Gray 64 GB MQ6G2, MQ6V2, MQ6Y2 256 GB MQ7C2, MQ7Q2, MQ7U2 D201AAP PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MRRM2, MRRP2, MRRQ2 256 GB MRRN2, MRRU2, MRRV2 iPhone 8 Plus A1864 A1898 A1899 Bootrom 3332. BCG-E3160A BCG-E3173A D21AP iPhone10,2 Gold 64 GB MQ8F2, MQ9F2, MQ982, MQ9M2 256 GB MQ8J2, MQ9C2, MQ9J2, MQ9Q2 Silver 64 GB MQ8E2, MQ9E2, MQ972, MQ9L2 256 GB MQ8H2, MQ9A2, MQ9H2, MQ9P2 Space Gray 64 GB MQ8D2, MQ9D2, MQ962, MQ9K2 256 GB MQ8G2, MQ9G2, MQ992, MQ9N2 D21AAP PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MRTG2, MRTJ2, MRT72 256 GB MRTH2, MRTK2, MRT82 A1897 BCG-E3174A D211AP iPhone10,5 Gold 64 GB MQ8N2, MQ8V2, MQ922 256 GB MQ8R2, MQ8Y2, MQ952 Silver 64 GB MQ8M2, MQ8U2, MQ912 256 GB MQ8Q2, MQ8X2, MQ942 Space Gray 64 GB MQ8L2, MQ8T2, MQ902 256 GB MQ8P2, MQ8W2, MQ932 D211AAP PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MRTC2, MRTE2, MRT92 256 GB MRTA2, MRTD2, MRTF2 iPhone X A1865 A1902 Bootrom 3332. BCG-E3161A D22AP iPhone10,3 Silver 64 GB MQCT2, MQCL2, MQAY2, MQA62 256 GB MQCW2, MQCP2, MQC22, MQA92 Space Gray 64 GB MQCR2, MQCK2, MQAX2, MQA52 256 GB MQCV2, MQCN2, MQC12, MQA82 A1901 BCG-E3175A D221AP iPhone10,6 Silver 64 GB MQAK2, MQAR2, MQAD2 256 GB MQAN2, MQAV2, MQAG2 Space Gray 64 GB MQAJ2, MQAQ2, MQAC2 256 GB MQAM2, MQAU2, MQAF2 iPhone XR A1984 Bootrom 3865. BCG-E3220A N841AP iPhone11,8 Black 64 GB MT3K2, MT2E2, MT302, MT472 128 GB MT3T2, MT2L2, MT362, MT4G2 256 GB MT402, MT2T2, MT3D2, MT4R2 Blue 64 GB MT3R2, MT2K2, MT352, MT4F2 128 GB MT3Y2, MT2R2, MT3C2, MT4Q2 256 GB MT462, MT2Y2, MT3J2, MT4Y2 Coral 64 GB MT3Q2, MT2J2, MT342, MT4D2 128 GB MT3X2, MT2Q2, MT3A2, MT4N2 256 GB MT452, MT2X2, MT3H2, MT4X2 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MT3M2, MT2G2, MT322, MT492 128 GB MT3V2, MT2N2, MT382, MT4J2 256 GB MT422, MT2V2, MT3F2, MT4V2 White 64 GB MT3L2, MT2F2, MT312, MT482 128 GB MT3U2, MT2M2, MT372, MT4H2 256 GB MT412, MT2U2, MT3E2, MT4U2 Yellow 64 GB MT3N2, MT2H2, MT332, MT4A2 128 GB MT3W2, MT2P2, MT392, MT4L2 256 GB MT442, MT2W2, MT3G2, MT4W2 A2105 BCG-E3237A Black 64 GB MRY42 128 GB MRY92 256 GB MRYJ2 Blue 64 GB MRYA2 128 GB MRYH2 256 GB MRYQ2 Coral 64 GB MRY82 128 GB MRYG2 256 GB MRYP2 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MRY62 128 GB MRYE2 256 GB MRYM2 White 64 GB MRY52 128 GB MRYD2 256 GB MRYL2 Yellow 64 GB MRY72 128 GB MRYF2 256 GB MRYN2 A2106 BCG-E3238A Black 64 GB MT002 128 GB MT0G2 256 GB MT0V2 Blue 64 GB MT0E2 128 GB MT0U2 256 GB MT112 Coral 64 GB MT0A2 128 GB MT0T2 256 GB MT102 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MT062 128 GB MT0N2 256 GB MT0X2 White 64 GB MT032 128 GB MT0J2 256 GB MT0W2 Yellow 64 GB MT082 128 GB MT0Q2 256 GB MT0Y2 A2108 BCG-E3220A Black 64 GB MT122 128 GB MT192 256 GB MT1H2 Blue 64 GB MT182 128 GB MT1G2 256 GB MT1Q2 Coral 64 GB MT172 128 GB MT1F2 256 GB MT1P2 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MT142 128 GB MT1D2 256 GB MT1L2 White 64 GB MT132 128 GB MT1A2 256 GB MT1J2 Yellow 64 GB MT162 128 GB MT1E2 256 GB MT1M2 iPhone XS A1920 Bootrom 3865. BCG-E3218A D321AP iPhone11,2 Gold 64 GB MT8W2, MTA22, MT8L2, MTAJ2, MT962 256 GB MT902, MTA92, MT8P2, MTAQ2, MT992 512 GB MT932, MTAF2, MT8T2, MTAV2, MT9D2 Silver 64 GB MT8V2, MTA12, MT8K2, MTAH2, MT952 256 GB MT8Y2, MTA82, MT8N2, MTAN2, MT982 512 GB MT922, MTAD2, MT8R2, MTAU2, MT9C2 Space Gray 64 GB MT8U2, MTA02, MT8J2, MTAG2, MT942 256 GB MT8X2, MTA72, MT8M2, MTAL2, MT972 512 GB MT912, MTAA2, MT8Q2, MTAR2, MT9A2 A2097 BCG-E3232A Gold 64 GB MT9G2 256 GB MT9K2 512 GB MT9N2 Silver 64 GB MT9F2 256 GB MT9J2 512 GB MT9M2 Space Gray 64 GB MT9E2 256 GB MT9H2 512 GB MT9L2 A2098 BCG-E3233A Gold 64 GB MTAY2 256 GB MTE22 512 GB MTE52 Silver 64 GB MTAX2 256 GB MTE12 512 GB MTE42 Space Gray 64 GB MTAW2 256 GB MTE02 512 GB MTE32 A2100 BCG-E3218A Gold 64 GB MT9R2 256 GB MT9V2 512 GB MT9Y2 Silver 64 GB MT9Q2 256 GB MT9U2 512 GB MT9X2 Space Gray 64 GB MT9P2 256 GB MT9T2 512 GB MT9W2 iPhone XS Max A1921 Bootrom 3865. BCG-E3219A D331pAP iPhone11,6 Gold 64 GB MT5X2, MT672, MT5M2, MT6H2, MT5C2, 3D897 256 GB MT612, MT6A2, MT5Q2, MT6L2, MT5F2 512 GB MT642, MT6E2, MT5U2, MT6P2, MT5J2 Silver 64 GB MT5W2, MT662, MT5L2, MT6G2, MT5A2 256 GB MT602, MT692, MT5P2, MT6K2, MT5E2 512 GB MT632, MT6D2, MT5T2, MT6N2, MT5H2 Space Gray 64 GB MT5V2, MT652, MT5K2, MT6F2, MT592 256 GB MT5Y2, MT682, MT5N2, MT6J2, MT5D2 512 GB MT622, MT6C2, MT5R2, MT6M2, MT5G2 A2101 BCG-E3234A Gold 64 GB MT522, 3D879 256 GB MT552 512 GB MT582 Silver 64 GB MT512 256 GB MT542 512 GB MT572 Space Gray 64 GB MT502 256 GB MT532 512 GB MT562 A2102 BCG-E3235A Gold 64 GB MT6T2 256 GB MT6W2 512 GB MT702 Silver 64 GB MT6R2 256 GB MT6V2 512 GB MT6Y2 Space Gray 64 GB MT6Q2 256 GB MT6U2 512 GB MT6X2 A2104 BCG-E3219A Gold 64 GB MT732 256 GB MT762 512 GB MT792 Silver 64 GB MT722 256 GB MT752 512 GB MT782 Space Gray 64 GB MT712 256 GB MT742 512 GB MT772 A2103 ? D331AP iPhone11,4 Gold 64 GB MT7D2 256 GB MT7G2 512 GB ? Silver 64 GB ? 256 GB ? 512 GB ? Space Gray 64 GB ? 256 GB MT7E2 512 GB ? iPhone 11 A2111 Bootrom 4479. BCG-E3309A N104AP iPhone12,1 Black 64 GB MWHT2, MWK02, MWJE2, MWKM2, MWL72 128 GB MWJ02, MWK72, MWJL2, MWKU2, MWLE2 256 GB MWJ62, MWKF2, MWJT2, MWL12, MWLL2 Green 64 GB MWHY2, MWK62, MWJK2, MWKT2, MWLD2 128 GB MWJ52, MWKE2, MWJR2, MWL02, MWLK2 256 GB MWJD2, MWKL2, MWJY2, MWL62, MWLR2 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MWHV2, MWK22, MWJG2, MWKP2, MWL92 128 GB MWJ22, MWK92, MWJN2, MWKW2, MWLG2 256 GB MWJ92, MWKH2, MWJV2, MWL32, MWLN2 Purple 64 GB MWHX2, MWK52, MWJJ2, MWKR2, MWLC2 128 GB MWJ42, MWKD2, MWJQ2, MWKY2, MWLJ2 256 GB MWJC2, MWKK2, MWJX2, MWL52, MWLQ2 White 64 GB MWHU2, MWK12, MWJF2, MWKN2, MWL82 128 GB MWJ12, MWK82, MWJM2, MWKV2, MWLF2 256 GB MWJ72, MWKG2, MWJU2, MWL22, MWLM2 Yellow 64 GB MWHW2, MWK32, MWJH2, MWKQ2, MWLA2 128 GB MWJ32, MWKC2, MWJP2, MWKX2, MWLH2 256 GB MWJA2, MWKJ2, MWJW2, MWL42, MWLP2 A2221 Black 64 GB MWLT2 128 GB MWM02 256 GB MWM72 Green 64 GB MWLY2 128 GB MWM62 256 GB MWMD2 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MWLV2 128 GB MWM32 256 GB MWM92 Purple 64 GB MWLX2 128 GB MWM52 256 GB MWMC2 White 64 GB MWLU2 128 GB MWM22 256 GB MWM82 Yellow 64 GB MWLW2 128 GB MWM42 256 GB MWMA2 A2223 Black 64 GB MWN02 128 GB MWN72 256 GB MWNF2 Green 64 GB MWN62 128 GB MWNE2 256 GB MWNL2 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MWN22 128 GB MWN92 256 GB MWNH2 Purple 64 GB MWN52 128 GB MWND2 256 GB MWNK2 White 64 GB MWN12 128 GB MWN82 256 GB MWNG2 Yellow 64 GB MWN32 128 GB MWNC2 256 GB MWNJ2 iPhone 11 Pro A2160 Bootrom 4479. BCG-E3309A D421AP iPhone12,3 Gold 64 GB MW9E2, MWA82, MW9T2, MWAQ2, MWCK2 256 GB MW9J2, MWAE2, MW9X2, MWAV2, MWCP2 512 GB MW9N2, MWAJ2, MWA42, MWC02, MWCU2 Midnight Green 64 GB MW9F2, MWA92, MW9U2, MWAR2, MWCL2 256 GB MW9K2, MWAF2, MW9Y2, MWAW2, MWCQ2 512 GB MW9P2, MWAL2, MWA52, MWC12, MWCV2 Silver 64 GB MW9D2, MWA72, MW9R2, MWAP2, MWCJ2 256 GB MW9H2, MWAD2, MW9W2, MWAU2, MWCN2 512 GB MW9M2, MWAH2, MWA32, MWAY2, MWCT2 Space Gray 64 GB MW9C2, MWA62, MW9Q2, MWAM2, MWCH2 256 GB MW9G2, MWAA2, MW9V2, MWAT2, MWCM2 512 GB MW9L2, MWAG2, MWA12, MWAX2, MWCR2 A2215 Gold 64 GB MWC52 256 GB MWC92 512 GB MWCF2 Midnight Green 64 GB MWC62 256 GB MWCC2 512 GB MWCG2 Silver 64 GB MWC32 256 GB MWC82 512 GB MWCE2 Space Gray 64 GB MWC22 256 GB MWC72 512 GB MWCD A2217 Gold 64 GB MWDC2 256 GB MWDG2 512 GB MWDL2 Midnight Green 64 GB MWDD2 256 GB MWDH2 512 GB MWDM2 Silver 64 GB MWDA2 256 GB MWDF2 512 GB MWDK2 Space Gray 64 GB MWD92 256 GB MWDE2 512 GB MWDJ2 iPhone 11 Pro Max A2161 Bootrom 4479. BCG-E3309A D431AP iPhone12,5 Gold 64 GB MWFC2, MWG42, MWFQ2, MWGH2, MWH12 256 GB MWFG2, MWG82, MWFV2, MWGM2, MWH62 512 GB MWFL2, MWGD2, MWG02, MWGR2, MWHA2 Midnight Green 64 GB MWFD2, MWG52, MWFR2, MWGJ2, MWH22 256 GB MWFH2, MWG92, MWFW2, MWGN2, MWH72 512 GB MWFM2, MWGE2, MWG12, MWGT2, MWHC2 Silver 64 GB MWFA2, MWG32, MWFP2, MWGG2, MWH02 256 GB MWFF2, MWG72, MWFU2, MWGL2, MWH52 512 GB MWFK2, MWGC2, MWFY2, MWGQ2, MWH92 Space Gray 64 GB MWF92, MWG22, MWFN2, MWGF2, MWGY2 256 GB MWFE2, MWG62, MWFT2, MWGK2, MWH42 512 GB MWFJ2, MWGA2, MWFX2, MWGP2, MWH82 A2220 Gold 64 GB MWHG2 256 GB MWHL2 512 GB MWHQ2 Midnight Green 64 GB MWHH2 256 GB MWHM2 512 GB MWHR2 Silver 64 GB MWHF2 256 GB MWHK2 512 GB MWHP2 Space Gray 64 GB MWHD2 256 GB MWHJ2 512 GB MWHN2 A2218 Gold 64 GB MWEX2 256 GB MWF32 512 GB MWF72 Midnight Green 64 GB MWF02 256 GB MWF42 512 GB MWF82 Silver 64 GB MWEW2 256 GB MWF22 512 GB MWF62 Space Gray 64 GB MWEV2 256 GB MWF12 512 GB MWF52 iPhone SE (2nd generation) A2275 A2296 A2298 Bootrom 4479. E3500A E3501A D79AP iPhone12,8 White 64 GB MX9T2, MX9A2, MX9H2, MX9E2, MX9L2, MX9P2, MXAN2, MHGQ3 128 GB MXD12, MXCJ2, MXCQ2, MXCM2, MXCU2, MXCX2, MXD72, MHGU3 256 GB MXVU2, MXVC2, MXVJ2, MXVF2, MXVM2, MXVQ2, MXW12, MHGX3 Black 64 GB MX9R2, MX992, MX9G2, MX9D2, MX9K2, MX9N2, MXAM2, MHGP3 128 GB MXD02, MXCH2, MXCP2, MXCL2, MXCT2, MXCW2, MXD62, MHGT3 256 GB MXVT2, MXVA2, MXVH2, MXVE2, MXVL2, MXVP2, MXW02, MHGW3 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MX9U2, MX9C2, MX9J2, MX9F2, MX9M2, MX9Q2, MXAP2, MHGR3 128 GB MXD22, MXCK2, MXCR2, MXCN2, MXCV2, MXCY2, MXD82, MHGV3 256 GB MXVV2, MXVD2, MXVK2, MXVG2, MXVN2, MXVR2, MXW22, MHGY3 iPhone 12 mini A2176 A2398 A2400 A2399 Bootrom 5281. BCG-E3539A D52gAP iPhone13,1 White 64 GB MG803, MGDY3, MG613, MG7H3, MG713, MG6H3, MG8G3, MGA63 128 GB MG853, MGE43, MG8M3, MG663, MG7N3, MG763, MG6N3, MGDM3 256 GB MG8A3, MGEA3, MG6C3, MG7U3, MG7C3, MG6V3, MG8T3, MGDT3 Black 64 GB MG7Y3, MGDX3, MG603, MG7G3, MG703, MG6G3, MG8F3, MGA03 128 GB MG843, MGE33, MG653, MG7M3, MG753, MG6M3, MG8L3, MGDJ3 256 GB MG893C, MGE93, MG8R3, MG6A3, MG7T3, MG7A3, MG6U3, MGDR3 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MG813, MGE03, MG623, MG7J3, MG723, MG6J3, MG8H3, MGAE3 128 GB MG863, MGE53, MG8N3, MG673, MG7P3, MG6P3, MG773, MGDN3 256 GB MG8C3, MGEC3, MG6D3, MG7V3, MG7D3, MG6W3, MG8U3, MGDU3 Green 64 GB MG833, MGE23, MG8K3, MG643, MG7L3, MG743, MG6L3, MGAV3 128 GB MG883, MGE73, MG693, MG7R3, MG793, MG6T3, MG8Q3, MGDQ3 256 GB MG8E3, MGEE3, MG8W3, MG6F3, MG7X3, MG7F3, MG6Y3, MGDW3 Blue 64 GB MG823, MGE13, MG8J3, MG633, MG7K3, MG733, MG6K3, MGAP3 128 GB MG873, MGE63, MG683, MG7Q3, MG783, MG6Q3, MG8P3, MGDP3 256 GB MG8D3, MGED3, MG6E3, MG7W3, MG7E3, MG6X3, MG8V3, MGDV3 Purple 64 GB MJNL3, MJQ23, MJNY3, MJNT3, MJQ83, MJQF3, MJQ53, MJQC3 128 GB MJQ93, MJNN3, MJQ33, MJQ03, MJNW3, MJQG3, MJQ63, MJQD3 256 GB MJNR3, MJQ43, MJQ13, MJNX3, MJQA3, MJQH3, MJQ73, MJQE3 iPhone 12 A2172 A2402 A2404 A2403 Bootrom 5281. BCG-E3542A D53gAP iPhone13,2 White 64 GB MGGN3, MGJ63, MGEG3, MGG63, MGFM3, MGF53, MGH73, MGHP3 128 GB MGGV3, MGJC3, MGHD3, MGET3, MGGC3, MGFT3, MGFA3, MGHV3 256 GB MGH23, MGJH3, MGF03, MGGH3, MGG13, MGFG3, MGHJ3, MGJ13 Black 64 GB MGGM3, MGJ53, MGEF3, MGG53, MGFL3, MGF43, MGH63, MGHN3 128 GB MGGU3, MGJA3, MGHC3, MGER3, MGGA3, MGFR3, MGF93, MGHU3 256 GB MGH13, MGJG3, MGHH3, MGEX3, MGGG3, MGG03, MGFF3, MGJ03 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MGGP3, MGJ73, MGEH3, MGG73, MGFN3, MGF63, MGH83, MGHQ3 128 GB MGGW3, MGJD3, MGHE3, MGEU3, MGGD3, MGFW3, MGFC3, MGHW3 256 GB MGH33, MGJJ3, MGF13, MGGJ3, MGG23, MGFH3, MGHK3, MGJ23 Green 64 GB MGGT3, MGJ93, MGEQ3, MGG93, MGFQ3, MGF83, MGHA3, MGHT3 128 GB MGGY3, MGJF3, MGHG3, MGEW3, MGGF3, MGFY3, MGFE3, MGHY3 256 GB MGH53, MGJL3, MGHM3, MGF33, MGGL3, MGG43, MGFK3, MGJ43 Blue 64 GB MGGQ3, MGJ83, MGH93, MGEK3, MGG83, MGFP3, MGF73, MGHR3 128 GB MGGX3, MGJE3, MGEV3, MGGE3, MGFX3, MGFD3, MGHF3, MGHX3 256 GB MGH43, MGJK3, MGF23, MGGK3, MGG33, MGFJ3, MGHL3, MGJ33 Purple 64 GB MJMX3, MJN73, MJN43, MJN13, MJNE3, MJNM3, MJNA3, MJNH3 128 GB MJNF3, MJMY3, MJN83, MJN53, MJN23, MJNP3, MJNC3, MJNJ3 256 GB MJN03, MJN93, MJN63, MJN33, MJNG3, MJNQ3, MJND3, MJNK3 iPhone 12 Pro A2341 A2406 A2407 A2408 Bootrom 5281. BCG-E3545A D53pAP iPhone13,3 Silver 128 GB MGLA3, MGML3, MGJN3, MGKW3, MGKH3, MGK23, MGLP3, MGM63 256 GB MGLF3, MGMQ3, MGLU3, MGJT3, MGL23, MGKM3, MGK63, MGMA3 512 GB MGLK3, MGMV3, MGJX3, MGL63, MGKR3, MGKC3, MGLY3, MGMG3 Graphite 128 GB MGL93, MGMK3, MGJM3, MGKV3, MGKG3, MGK13, MGLN3, MGM53 256 GB MGLE3, MGMP3, MGLT3, MGJR3, MGKL3, MGK53, MGL03, MGM93 512 GB MGLJ3, MGMU3, MGLX3, MGJW3, MGL53, MGKQ3, MGKA3, MGMF3 Gold 128 GB MGLC3, MGMM3, MGJP3, MGKX3, MGKJ3, MGK33, MGLQ3, MGM73 256 GB MGLG3, MGMR3, MGJU3, MGL33, MGKN3, MGK73, MGLV3, MGMC3 512 GB MGLL3, MGMW3, MGM23, MGJY3, MGL73, MGKT3, MGKE3, MGMH3 Pacific Blue 128 GB MGLD3, MGMN3, MGJQ3, MGKY3, MGKK3, MGK43, MGLR3, MGM83 256 GB MGLH3, MGMT3, MGJV3, MGL43, MGKP3, MGK93, MGLW3, MGMD3 512 GB MGLM3, MGMX3, MGK03, MGL83, MGKU3, MGKF3, MGM43, MGMJ3 iPhone 12 Pro Max A2342 A2410 A2411 A2412 Bootrom 5281. BCG-E3548A D54pAP iPhone13,4 Silver 128 GB MGC13, MGD83, MG8Y3, MGA93, MG9Q3, MG9C3, MGCG3, MGCV3 256 GB MGC53, MGDD3, MGCL3, MG933, MGAJ3, MG9V3, MG9G3, MGD03 512 GB MGCA3, MGDH3, MG973, MGAU3, MGA23, MG9L3, MGCQ3, MGD43 Graphite 128 GB MGC03, MGD73, MG8X3, MGA73, MG9P3, MG9A3, MGCF3, MGCU3 256 GB MGC43, MGDC3, MGCK3, MG923, MGAH3, MG9U3, MG9F3, MGCY3 512 GB MGC93, MGDG3, MGCP3, MG963, MGAR3, MG9Y3, MG9K3, MGD33 Gold 128 GB MGC23, MGD93, MG903, MGAA3, MG9R3, MG9D3, MGCH3, MGCW3 256 GB MGC63, MGDE3, MG943, MGAM3, MG9W3, MG9H3, MGCM3, MGD13 512 GB MGCC3, MGDK3, MGCR3, MG983, MGAW3, MGA33, MG9M3, MGD53 Pacific Blue 128 GB MGC33, MGDA3, MGCJ3, MG913, MGAF3, MG9T3, MG9E3, MGCX3 256 GB MGC73, MGDF3, MG953, MGAQ3, MG9X3, MG9J3, MGCN3, MGD23 512 GB MGCE3, MGDL3, MG993, MGAX3, MGA43, MG9N3, MGCT3, MGD63 iPhone 13 mini A2481 A2626 A2629 A2630 A2628 Bootrom 6338. ? D16AP iPhone14,4 PRODUCT(RED) 128 GB MLK33, MLHQ3, MLDF3, MLJG3 256 GB MLK83, MLHW3, MLDL3, MLJM3 512 GB MLKE3, MLJ23, MLDR3, MLJW3 Starlight 128 GB MLK13, MLHN3, MLDD3, MLJE3 256 GB MLK63, MLHU3, MLDJ3, MLJK3 512 GB MLKC3, MLJ03, MLDP3, MLJR3 Midnight 128 GB MLK03, MLHM3, MLDC3, MLJC3 256 GB MLK53, MLHT3, MLDH3, MLJJ3 512 GB MLKA3, MLHY3, MLDN3, MLJP3 Blue 128 GB MLK43, MLHR3, MLDG3, MLJH3 256 GB MLK93, MLHX3, MLDM3, MLJN3 512 GB MLKF3, MLJ33, MLDT3, MLJY3 Pink 128 GB MLK23, MLHP3, MLDE3, MLJF3 256 GB MLK73, MLHV3, MLDK3, MLJL3 512 GB MLKD3, MLJ13, MLDQ3, MLJU3 Green 128 GB MNF83, MNF53, MNFF3, MNFC3 256 GB MNF93, MNF63, MNFG3, MNFD3 512 GB MNFA3, MNF73, MNFH3, MNFE3 iPhone 13 A2482 A2631 A2634 A2635 A2633 Bootrom 6338. ? D17AP iPhone14,5 PRODUCT(RED) 128 GB MLPJ3, MLMQ3, MLDX3, MLNF3 256 GB MLQ93, MLN03, MLE33, MLNL3 512 GB MLQF3, MLN53, MLEA3, MLNR3 Starlight 128 GB MLPG3, MLMM3, MLDV3, MLND3 256 GB MLQ73, MLMX3, MLE13, MLNJ3 512 GB MLQD3, MLN33, MLE73, MLNP3 Midnight 128 GB MLPF3, MLML3, MLDU3, MLNC3 256 GB MLQ63, MLN23, MLE03, MLNH3 512 GB MLQC3, MLN23, MLE63, MLNN3 Blue 128 GB MLPK3, MLMT3, MLDY3, MLNG3 256 GB MLQA3, MLN13, MLE43, MLNM3 512 GB MLQG3, MLN83, MLEC3, MLNT3 Pink 128 GB MLPH3, MLMN3, MLDW3, MLNE3 256 GB MLQ83, MLMY3, MLE23, MLNK3 512 GB MLQE3, MLN43, MLE93, MLNQ3 Green 128 GB MNGD3, MNG93, MNGK3, MNGG3 256 GB MNGE3, MNGA3, MNGL3, MNGH3 512 GB MNGF3, MNGC3, MNGM3, MNGJ3 iPhone 13 Pro A2483 A2636 A2639 A2640 A2638 Bootrom 6338. ? D63AP iPhone14,2 Graphite 128 GB MLV93, MLTP3, MLT53 256 GB MLVE3, MLTW3, MLT93 512 GB MLVH3, MLU13, MLTF3 1TB MLVV3, MLU93, MLTK3 Gold 128 GB MLVC3, MLTR3, MLT73 256 GB MLVK3, MLTY3, MLTH3 512 GB MLVQ3, MLU43, MLTH3 1TB MLVY3, MLUC3, MLTM3 Silver 128 GB MLVA3, MLTQ3, MLT63 256 GB MLVF3, MLTX3, MLTC3 512 GB MLVN3, MLU33, MLTG3 1TB MLVW3, MLUA3, MLTL3 Sierra Blue 128 GB MLVD3, MLTT3, MLT83 256 GB MLVP3, MLU03, MLTE3 512 GB MLVU3, MLU73, MLTJ3 1TB MLW03, MLUD3, MLTN3 Alpine Green 128 GB MNDT3, MNDN3, MNE23 256 GB MNDU3, MNDP3, MNE33 512 GB MNDV3, MNDQ3, MNE43 1 TB MNDW3, MNDR3, MNE53 iPhone 13 Pro Max A2484 A2641 A2644 A2645 A2643 Bootrom 6338. BCG-E4003A D64AP iPhone14,3 Graphite 128 GB MLL63, MLKL3, MLH43 256 GB MLLA3, MLKR3, MLH83 512 GB MLLF3, MLKW3, MLHD3 1TB MLLK3, MLL23, MLHH3 Gold 128 GB MLL83, MLKN3, MLH63 256 GB MLLD3, MLKU3, MLHA3 512 GB MLLH3, MLKY3, MLHF3 1TB MLLM3, MLL43, MLHK3 Silver 128 GB MLL73, MLKM3, MLH53 256 GB MLLC3, MLKT3, MLH93 512 GB MLLG3, MLKX3, MLHE3 1TB MLLL3, MLL33, MLHJ3 Sierra Blue 128 GB MLL93, MLKP3, MLH73 256 GB MLLE3, MLKV3, MLHC3 512 GB MLLJ3, MLL03, MLHG3 1TB MLLN3, MLL53, MLHL3 Alpine Green 128 GB MNCP3, MNCK3, MNCY3 256 GB MNCQ3, MNCL3, MND03 512 GB MNCR3, MNCM3, MND13 1 TB MNCT3, MNCN3, MND23 iPhone SE (3rd generation) A2595 A2782 A2783 A2784 A2785 Bootrom 6338. BCG-E4082A BCG-E8064A BCG-E4083A BCG-E8076A D49AP iPhone14,6 Midnight 64 GB MMX53, MMWV3, MMXF3, MMYC3 128 GB MMX83, MMWY3, MMXJ3, MMYF3 256 GB MMXC3, MMX23, MMXM3, MMYJ3 Starlight 64 GB MMX63, MMWW3, MMXG3, MMYD3 128 GB MMX93, MMX03, MMXK3, MMYG3 256 GB MMXD3, MMX33, MMXN3, MMYK3 PRODUCT(RED) 64 GB MMX73, MMWX3, MMXH3, MMYE3 128 GB MMXA3, MMX13, MMXL3, MMYH3 256 GB MMXE3, MMX43, MMXP3, MMYL3 iPhone 14 A2649 A2881 A2882 A2883 A2884 ? ? D27AP iPhone14,7 Blue 128 GB MPVN3, MPVH3, MPVG3, MPVJ3 256 GB MPWP3, MPWM3, MPWL3, MPWN3 512 GB MPXN3, MPXL3, MPXK3, MPXM3 Midnight 128 GB MPUF3, MPUA3, MPU93, MPUD3V 256 GB MPVX3, MPVV3, MPVU3, MPVW3 512 GB MPWW3, MPWU3, MPWT3, MPWV3 Starlight 128 GB MPUR3, MPUN3, MPUJ3, MPUQ3 256 GB MPW43, MPW23, MPW13, MPW33 512 GB MPX33, MPX13, MPX03, MPX23 PRODUCT(RED) 128 GB MPVA3, MPV73, MPV63, MPV93 256 GB MPWH3, MPWF3, MPWE3, MPWG3 512 GB MPXG3, MPXE3, MPXD3, MPXF3 Purple 128 GB MPV03, MPUX3, MPUW3, MPUY3 256 GB MPWA3, MPW83, MPW73, MPW93 512 GB MPX93, MPX73, MPX63, MPX83 iPhone 14 Plus A2632 A2885 A2886 A2887 A2888 ? ? D28AP iPhone14,8 Blue 128 GB MQ523, MQ3W3, MQ3A3, MQ4H3 256 GB MQ583, MQ423, MQ3G3, MQ4Q3 512 GB MQ5G3, MQ493, MQ3Q3, MQ4W3 Midnight 128 GB MQ4X3, MQ3R3, MQ353, MQ4A3 256 GB MQ533, MQ3X3, MQ3C3, MQ4J3 512 GB MQ593, MQ433, MQ3H3, MQ4R3 Starlight 128 GB MQ4Y3, MQ3T3, MQ363, MQ4D3 256 GB MQ553, MQ3Y3, MQ3D3, MQ4L3 512 GB MQ5D3, MQ443, MQ3J3, MQ4T3 PRODUCT(RED) 128 GB MQ513, MQ3V3, MQ393, MQ4F3 256 GB MQ573, MQ413, MQ3F3, MQ4P3 512 GB MQ5F3, MQ473, MQ3P3, MQ4V3 Purple 128 GB MQ503, MQ3U3, MQ373, MQ4E3 256 GB MQ563, MQ403, MQ3E3, MQ4M3V 512 GB MQ5E3, MQ463, MQ3K3, MQ4U3 iPhone 14 Pro A2650 A2889 A2890 A2891 A2892 Bootrom 7195.0.0.300.25 BCG-E8140A BCG-E8151A D73AP iPhone15,2 Deep Purple 128 GB MQ0E3, MQ0G3, MQ0D3, MQ0F3 256 GB MQ1D3, MQ1F3, MQ1C3, MQ1E3 512 GB MQ273, MQ293, MQ263, MQ283 1 TB MQ303, MQ323, MQ2Y3, MQ313 Gold 128 GB MQ063, MQ083, MQ053, MQ073 256 GB MQ163, MQ183, MQ143, MQ173 512 GB MQ213, MQ233, MQ203, MQ223 1 TB MQ2T3, MQ2V3, MQ2R3, MQ2U3 Silver 128 GB MQ003, MQ023, MPXY3, MQ013 256 GB MQ0X3, MQ103, MQ0W3, MQ0Y3 512 GB MQ1U3, MQ1W3, MQ1R3, MQ1V3 1 TB MQ2L3, MQ2N3, MQ2K3, MQ2M3 Space Black 128 GB MPXT3, MPXV3, MPXR3, MPXU3 256 GB MQ0N3, MQ0T3, MQ0M3, MQ0Q3 512 GB MQ1K3, MQ1M3, MQ1J3, MQ1L3 1 TB MQ2E3, MQ2G3, MQ2D3, MQ2F3 iPhone 14 Pro Max A2651 A2893 A2894 A2895 A2896 Bootrom 7195.0.0.300.25 ? D74AP iPhone15,3 Deep Purple 128 GB MQ9T3, MQ8R3, MQ863, MQ993 256 GB MQ9X3, MQ8W3, MQ8A3, MQ9E3 512 GB MQAM3, MQ913, MQ8G3, MQ9J3 1 TB MQC53, MQ953, MQ8M3, MQ9N3 Gold 128 GB MQ9R3, MQ8Q3, MQ853, MQ983 256 GB MQ9W3, MQ8V3, MQ893, MQ9D3 512 GB MQAJ3, MQ903, MQ8F3, MQ9H3 1 TB MQC43, MQ943, MQ8L3, MQ9M3 Silver 128 GB MQ9Q3, MQ8P3, MQ843, MQ973 256 GB MQ9V3, MQ8U3, MQ883, MQ9C3 512 GB MQAH3, MQ8Y3, MQ8E3, MQ9G3 1 TB MQC33, MQ933, MQ8J3, MQ9L3 Space Black 128 GB MQ9P3, MQ8N3, MQ833, MQ963 256 GB MQ9U3, MQ8T3, MQ873, MQ9A3 512 GB MQAF3, MQ8X3, MQ8D3, MQ9F3 1 TB MQC23, MQ923, MQ8H3, MQ9K3 Generation «A» Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Storage Model iPod touch A1213 Bootrom Rev.2 BCGA1213 N45AP iPod1,1 Black 8 GB MA623, MA624, MA839 16 GB MA627, MA628 32 GB MB376 iPod touch (2nd generation) A1288 A1319 Bootrom 240.4 BCGA1288 N72AP iPod2,1 Black 8 GB MB525, MB528, MB529 16 GB MB531, MB532 32 GB MB533, MB534 Bootrom 240.5.1 8 GB MC086 iPod touch (3rd generation) A1318 Bootrom 359.5 BCG-2310 N18AP iPod3,1 Black 32 GB MC008 64 GB MC011 iPod touch (4th generation) A1367 Bootrom 574.4 BCG-E2407 N81AP iPod4,1 Black 8 GB MC540 16 GB ME178 32 GB MC544 64 GB MC547 White 8 GB MD057 16 GB ME179 32 GB MD058 64 GB MD059 iPod touch (5th generation) A1421 ROM BCG-A1421 N78AP iPod5,1 Black & Slate 32 GB MD723 64 GB MD724 Blue 16 GB MGG32 32 GB MD717 64 GB MD718 Pink 16 GB MGFY2 32 GB MC903 64 GB MC904 PRODUCT(RED) 16 GB MGG72 32 GB MD749 64 GB MD750 White & Silver 16 GB MGG52 32 GB MD720, ME108 64 GB MD721 Space Gray 16 GB MGG82 32 GB ME978 64 GB ME979 Yellow 16 GB MGG12 32 GB MD714 64 GB MD715 A1509 N78aAP Black & Silver 16 GB ME643 iPod touch (6th generation) A1574 Bootrom 1992. 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J314sAP MacBookPro18,3 Space Gray 512 GB MKGP3 1 TB MKGQ3 Silver 512 GB MKGR3 1 TB MKGT3 ? ? J314cAP MacBookPro18,4 Space Gray 512 GB ? 1 TB ? Silver 512 GB ? 1 TB ? MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) ? ? J316sAP MacBookPro18,1 Space Gray 512 GB MK183 1 TB MK193 Silver 512 GB MK1E3 1 TB MK1F3 ? ? J316cAP MacBookPro18,2 Space Gray 1 TB MK1A3 Silver 1 TB MK1H3 Generation «A» Number FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Storage Model Mac Studio (M1 Max, 2022) ? ? ? ? Silver N/A MJMV3 Mac Studio (M1 Ultra, 2022) ? ? ? ? Silver N/A MJMW3

What does iPhone model number tell you?

Getting an Iphone is a dream for many, due to its value in the market, classiness and many other reasons. But many users actually doesn’t know the condition or which region does the unit they buy belongs to. So let’s talk about iphones today. The model number speaks about the basic information one should know about that particular unit such as whether it’s new, refurbished, replacement or which region it belongs to. iphone Model number You can view the model numer of any iphone by going into Settings > General >About.

How do you tell if a phone is refurbished?

Check The Box – New phones ship with boxes made by their manufacturers and typically come with inbox accessories such as charging boxes and cables. If a device doesn’t come with a box made by it’s manufacturer or some items are missing from the box, then it’s most likely a refurbished device.

How do I know if my iPhone camera is original?

Parts and service history – With iPhone 12 models and later using iOS 15.2 and later, you can go to Settings > General > About to see the parts and service history of your iPhone and you can see if the camera has been replaced. If the repair was done using genuine Apple parts and processes, you will see «Genuine Apple Part» next to Camera. You will see an Unknown Part message if the camera installation is incomplete or if the camera:

Was replaced with a non-genuine camera Was already used or installed in another iPhone Isn’t functioning as expected

This message doesn’t affect your ability to use your iPhone or access your camera. Find out more about iPhone parts and service history, With iOS versions earlier than iOS 15.2, you’ll see an Important Camera Message instead of an Unknown Part message. Published Date: December 13, 2022 Please don’t include any personal information in your comment. Maximum character limit is 250. Thanks for your feedback.

What is the difference between OEM and original screens?

What’s the Difference Between the Three Types? – Apart from the difference in quality, an OEM screen (i.e. an original Apple one), has the touch on the LCD. During refurbishment the glass is removed and the touch stays with the LCD. This is the same with non-OEM screens as these use the original Apple LCD.

Is replacement iPhone good?

The refurbishment process at Apple does the following before it is available for sale. –

  • Full functionality testing and any defective modules identified in testing are replaced.
  • Sent to a thorough cleaning process and inspection.
  • Repackaged (including appropriate manuals, cables, new boxes).
  • Includes either the Operating System originally shipped with the unit or, in some cases, a more recent version.
  • Put into a Final QA inspection before being added to sellable refurbished stock.

When you purchase an Apple refurbished iPhone, you can also buy the AppleCare warranty with it. This extended warranty provides you with services for up to two years. If you are on the hunt for a less expensive but awesome quality iPhone, you should check our our phones on reboxed which can typically be up to 58% cheaper than buying new.

How much does the original iPhone cost?

Someone just paid HOW MUCH for an original iPhone? By Jennifer Korn | CNN A first-generation 2007 iPhone for more than $63,000 in an online auction Sunday, more than 100 times its original cost. Dubbed a «first-edition» device by auctioneer LCG Auctions, the box had never been opened.

The cost $599 and offered early Apple adopters a 3.5-inch screen with a 2-megapixel camera, plus 4 GB and 8 GB storage options, internet capabilities and iTunes. It had no app store, ran on a 2G network and was exclusive to AT&T’s network. Bidding on this phone began online earlier this month at $2,500.

All told, there were 27 bids on it, according to LCG’s website, which did not identify the winning bidder nor disclose how many collectors, or companies, vied for the item. LCG Auctions did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment. Cosmetic tattoo artist Karen Green was gifted the 8 GB version and never broke the seal, according to her on daytime television program «The Doctor & The Diva» in 2019.

  1. An appraiser on the show valued the phone at $5,000 at that time.
  2. Another unopened first-generation iPhone like Green’s sold for over $39,000 in a listing also by LCG Auctions that closed in October.
  3. The iPhone billions of people around the world communicate, make payments, do their jobs, take photos and even how they wake up in the morning.

It killed dozens of industries (camcorders, MP3 players, flip phones) and gave life to many more. in 2007, then-Apple boss Steve Jobs opened his presentation with: «We’re going to make some history together today.» Jobs called the new smartphone a «revolutionary mobile phone» that will feature an iPod, phone and what he called an «Internet communicator.» «It’s bad out there today,» said Jobs of mobile Web browsers.

How much can I get for an original iPhone?

First-gen iPhone sells at auction for $190K — about 380 times its original price A first-generation iPhone has sold at auction for $190,373, roughly 380 times its original price of $499 when it went for sale in 2007 Como Saber Que O Iphone Original FILE – Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up an Apple iPhone at the MacWorld Conference, Jan.9, 2007, in San Francisco. On Sunday, July 16, 2023, a first-generation iPhone sold at auction for $190,373, almost 380 times its original price of $499 when the groundbreaking device went for sale in 2007.

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File) A first-generation iPhone has sold at auction for $190,373, almost 380 times its original price of $499 when the groundbreaking device went for sale in 2007. LCG Auctions, which hosted Sunday’s sale, said the 4GB iPhone model was 20 times rarer than the 8GB model released at the same time for $599.

That’s largely because the 4GB model was discontinued two months after launch given customer preference for the larger memory size. «A new bar was set Sunday night,» said Mark Montero, the founder of LCG Auctions. «We are thrilled to be a part of this fantastic record breaking sale.» It is the third original iPhone to sell for record prices at auction in the past year.

An 8GB model sold for $63,356 in February and another 8GB model fetched $39,340 in October 2022. All were factory sealed in their original packaging. The iPhone is one of the world’s most successful electronic products and helped make Apple the first publicly held company with a $3 trillion market value.

The Cupertino, California, company reached that milestone 16 years after the first iPhones were sold. : First-gen iPhone sells at auction for $190K — about 380 times its original price

Is a replacement iPhone original?

The refurbishment process at Apple does the following before it is available for sale. –

  • Full functionality testing and any defective modules identified in testing are replaced.
  • Sent to a thorough cleaning process and inspection.
  • Repackaged (including appropriate manuals, cables, new boxes).
  • Includes either the Operating System originally shipped with the unit or, in some cases, a more recent version.
  • Put into a Final QA inspection before being added to sellable refurbished stock.

When you purchase an Apple refurbished iPhone, you can also buy the AppleCare warranty with it. This extended warranty provides you with services for up to two years. If you are on the hunt for a less expensive but awesome quality iPhone, you should check our our phones on reboxed which can typically be up to 58% cheaper than buying new.

Is it good to buy a refurbished iPhone?

It’s safe to buy a refurbished iPhone, as long as you’re careful. Make sure you buy it via a trusted network or retailer, check it has a warranty, and carefully read any documents. You can also be sure that the handset will be like-new when you receive it and won’t contain any data from the previous owner.